Common Sense Is Not Debatable- Don’t take De-Bait!

Some points I was looking at today were to do with ‘debating common sense’, and what I see is it is simply not valid to debate common sense. Obviously, common sense is what stands as common sense and thus would not be ‘debatable’. What is the actual purpose of debate, when within the realization that common sense stands, there is nothing to debate? Because there is really an extensive amount of debate that goes on, everywhere in this world. Obviously we are not sticking to common sense, and debating is utilized to compete opposing interests in separation of ‘common interest’, meaning where one wants something for themself without consideration of others. We use debating to ‘fight’ to ‘protect’ our interest…from each other…yet this is an endless battle which can so simply be solved- we consider what is in the best interest of all, equally- then what is there to ‘protect’ your interest from? It is already ‘protected’. There is nothing ‘threatening’ it. When we consider and do what is in the best interest of all equally. And this is not a difficult thing to do! You stick to what can be verified as common sense best for all- such as: in this physical reality one requires food, shelter, water to live. Common sense! And yet we have accepted and allowed a monetary system which prevents some from having access to these very basic things that are necessary to live. A system which not only causes extensive suffering and poverty but that actually enslaves and limits all of humanity itself. Our expression is so extensively limited and suppressed, we have been busy diminishing and diminishing, and what we do express is preprogrammed- we have not actually ever been here as Life- we have only existed as robots moving according to impulse and stimuli. We will laugh and joke about it on one hand, and virulently deny it on another- fascinating fuck up isn’t it!

So back to the point of debating. It going to take ‘awhile’ to walk thru the cycles of ‘debate’ we have programmed within ourselves. It’s just like stopping any habit/pattern or addiction- the thoughts, temptations, manerisms, etc. will continue coming up until they have played out, until we have stood and faced them and not given them energy anymore and they finally stop coming up at all, and we have lived the change and become the change in fact. As we walk this process of realization of who we really are as equal and one and stop the abusive delusion of self interest in separation, unveil and delete the points of self interest we have built into who we are as a personality design- there is gonna be ‘flare-ups’, let’s call it, where common sense will be faced with much debate, which is no surprise- as this is how common sense has become so ignored and ‘unseen’- we have been busy ‘debating’ it away, ‘apparently’. Yet, common sense is not debatable as we established already, so what is actually happening is we are simply ‘deceiving ourself’. ‘Convincing’ ourself that what is common sense is not common sense- major fuckup.

We have really formed a massive system/network of ‘debating’, it’s like accepted on such a subconscious/unconscious level that ‘debating’ is actually a relevant thing to do- we’re taught/learned/conditioned to ‘debate’ as if it’s just ‘what is done’, and there is extensive justification and excuse for why it must be so/why it is apparently necessary, but we’ve missed that point of it’s simply not valid- and is actually for the purpose of ‘protecting/defending’ one’s interest in separation. But fascinatingly, it takes a lot of practice and effort to be effective at debating, because you have to learn how to manipulate and push buttons and be ‘convincing’, much like NLP, in fact, just like it- taking advantage of buried emotional symbolic preogramming to manipulate. It’s not about simply presenting facts, but it’s about using facts to ‘prove your point’ or ‘win an argument’. It’s like, if we simply presented facts, we wouldn’t then know what to do with them because it has always been about ‘fighting’ and ‘winning’.

So I have been clearing up this point of ‘debating’ in myself and in my world, and what I’ve realized is that even if I stop debating within myself I must still face it in my outside world as well. It’s really fascinating to face it in my outside world as that will reflect to me how effective or not I have been and on which points specifically do I still debate within myself, or do I fall for justifications, and that I do not fully stand as. It’s cool like, to test my application of self-honesty. So, in regards to this point of debating, what I have been busy clearing up lately is when I bring up a common sense point and another tries to debate it, is to not ‘take de-bait’, within the realization that there is nothing to ‘debate’. And that they trying to debate the point is like them opening up and bringing out and exposing the justifications they have programmed themself with, the justifications they use to remain in self-delusion, and that they are simply trying to hang on to the delusion out of fear and self-interest, and if I then take ‘de-bait’, and participate in debating the point, going into defense of the point, I am actually then invalidating it and ‘showing/saying’ to them that yes it is debatable and you can continue deluding yourself- and there I am responsible for supporting them to remain in their delusion and thus supporting the bullshit and abuse in this world- so I stop debating- I will not take de-bait. I stand as common sense, which is not debatable. So that we can stop this ‘debating’ debacle and get busy living instead of fighting each other!

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