To Fear- Thanks, but You Can Go Now

Today at work I decided to take some time to do some work on my car. So I parked in back of the hangar where I work which is where I usually park because there is shade there. As I was fussing around with the hood open, a man drove by kind of slowly and I wondered why he was driving like that and then he stopped a ways away and sat there for a moment before continuing on. A couple minutes later a cop pulled up right near me, and I immediately I realized the guy who drove by had called the police to come check me out. I wondered why the guy had done that. I put myself in the shoes of the guy to see who would I have to be to do that? To decide to call the cops instead of just dealing with it myself. Like just simply asking- hey what are you doing? I saw that it would have been participating in fears and thoughts that would lead me to not confront the person (me) myself, but to decide to have a cop come out instead, or to even think there is a reason to be concerned at all given what was actually going on. So, still ‘in this person’s shoes’ I walked myself thru that fear- to test if it is valid. And looked at what are some thoughts, or what is the thought pattern you would go thru to make that choice- to actually grasp the phone in your hand and push those numbers and speak the words to the cop.

Maybe he was just freaked out by my bald head- AHAHAHHA- what does it say about us when we react so much to HAIR? PSYCHO- time to have your head checked for viruses! Its just like in the movie ‘A Clockwork Orange’- We’ve all been programmed to react to images, either positive or negative, and then even further specific reactions as well. Like what do you think of when you see the symbol of golden arches? It’s just a symbol- a picture- and yet thoughts will come up which have been connected to the symbol- yeah that’s Mind Control. Hehehehehe.

What is fear? Fear is what spurs you to act in a self-preserving way in moment of perceived threat or danger. Hehehe, I can tell you I have seen it cause not-so-self-preserving acts in others and myself on many occasions. So, already we know it is fallible. But we participate in fear because we don’t trust ourself in the moment to act in a self-preserving way. Its fascinating actually to look at how the fear mechanism work- like a person becomes momentarily possessed or drugged up like on speed and makes some quick reaction before there is time for thoughts to get in the way- which is cool, fear has been very supportive in that way- yet, we are able to not depend on fear. We are able to take the training wheels off- otherwise how can you really freely ride the bicycle- the BioCycle of life. If we are here in every moment, aware of what is going on around us and free to respond in whatever way is necessary to anything that may come up- you won’t need a ‘system bypass’ mechanism to enable you to in the moment have ‘a chance’ to preserve yourself despite yourself. If we stop participating in setting up habits and thought patterns that limit us, then we won’t have this problem. We need to stop spreading the poison of fear. We feed it to the children so they may keep it alive- it’s like a parasite and we are the host and we let it inside and let it feed off of us, and then we pass it to the children and infect them as well, and of course that is how Fear has become so extensive a problem in this world. Everything starts with self- Stop Fear in yourself- and One by One It is Done!

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