Its A State-Eat-State Nation, Time to Give Equal Ration

Apparently the cops had not had enough of me! This morning on my way to work, very nearly there I get pulled over- I was not speeding nor doing anything out of the ordinary or breaking any laws, just driving to work like every day. So he comes up to the side and says ‘License and registration’, and I say ‘ok’ and start fishing thru my bag. While I’m doing this he asks me where I’m going and I tell him I’m going to work, and he asks where is that, and I point up the road and tell him the name of the place I work. Then, he sort of turns as if to go away, then turns back really quick and says ‘oh, you’re just going to work- ok nevermind, go ahead’. To which I said ‘ok’ and put the car in drive and continued to work. This is the same area or jurisdiction I was in for the cop encounter just yesterday so I suppose there could be a possible relation, but it didn’t seem like it. It was likely that he pulled me over because I am an ‘out-of-stater’ being from Pennsylvania and where I work is in New Jersey, and cops like to pull over out-of-staters because they don’t want to pull over locals and piss them off, when the locals’ taxes contribute to the cops payroll- so out-of-staters are seen as a better way to fill your quota. This is the kind of bullshit that happens in our current system. It’s pretty ridiculous to be all patriotic about this country, when the individual states even prey off each other- ‘One nation indivisible…’? Huwhaaaa? Please. One nation ‘In Division’, more like. The idea of this country being like ‘one big happy family’ is as much bullshit as the idea of  ‘one big happy family’ being like ‘one big happy family’. And in fact you can look at the relationships of not just states to states but countries to countries and see it all reflected in same dynamics within our families- as above so below- the countries are like personalities ‘at large’, our personalities reflected on the large scale- because its all a reflection of who we are, each and every one of us make this world at large- so there is no kidding ourselves that we are great and wonderful and nice people somehow- in a world full of abuse, suffering, war, holocaust, torture, starvation, deception, slaughter, rape, ignorance, greed, poverty. Get Real. 1+1=2.

Support an Equal Money System to stop the Abuse. Give yourself the Gift of Unconditional Support. When you Give Equally, What You Give You GET. Give to ALL EQUALLY the support you would like and YOU GET IT AS WELL- ONE and EQUAL. If you can get 1+1=2, you can get this.

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