DeFragging my Life

Lately, well maybe for a few months now, I have undertaken the task of cleaning out my house, as it is full of stuff that is not used and is just taking up space. Things that have been collected over time, the products of the various systems of reasoning in my mind, as to what to keep around and why. The kind of mentality that leads to not simply being practical about what to keep around and what not.

I noticed this is much like defragging my computer where you take all the scattered fragments and put them in order so they are easier to access, and thus you can function more effectively and efficiently. I am like a cell, processing, absorbing, sorting, excreting, lol, and I have expanded to the larger cell of my house and now act as that entire cell, processing, excreting,  moving, etc, as the entire cell of the house as one cell, one organism in itself. haha. It’s cool to stand as this point and direct myself within what is practical, and not feeling/being trapped/directed by the old patterns which led to ineffectiveness manifested in disorganization and clutter. To see that I can be practical here, is so cool.

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