An Alien in this Crazy Human World

More and more I feel like an alien in this world- not this world that is the physical itself- but the ‘human world’, so to speak. The world of behavior and meaning and symbolism that we have created and create and act within. It’s bizarre shit really. Especially in class, this feeling of..well no it’s not a feeling but rather a fact, that I literally am becoming an alien to this world, in the sense that I am becoming less and less ‘of’ this world, ‘defined by’ this world, this ‘human’ world we have designed and submit ourselves to. In class the teacher might say something such as “Don’t you want personal happiness?” or “Doesn’t everyone want to feel like they belong? ..feel a sense of belonging?”, and, well, there is countless others, statements and questions all framed from within this ‘mental reality’ we have been taught to see as real and thus to live as and within, to which I simply no longer relate, having investigated these things within myself and realizing they are irrelevant to life and thus are deception. It makes me realize the full extent of what is going on and what must be done, to get to a point where all life can live in this world as equals and abuse no longer exist. It is a ‘long’ way to go, but as it is to get anywhere, you go step by step, one by one, til it is done. Each one of us that stands up, makes a difference. Stand up. Because it’s quite fucked up that Equality is not understood- that ‘Equality’ is practically an ‘alien’ concept to this world, that is, the world of the human mind. It’s quite fucked up that we give away all of our ‘power’, all of our self response ability, by blame being so deeply programmed into our preprogrammed ‘nature’ that we call ‘human nature’. That we use as an excuse for the things we do and the ways we behave that we know are fucked up because we need an excuse for it- but ‘human nature’ is programmed, and thus can be programmed in any way, and thus is NOT a valid excuse! Fucked up that we have allowed ourselves to be programmed to spite each other, to exist in competition with one another, when it’s not even necessary.

  1. #1 by Earth Incorporated on January 4, 2011 - 8:05 pm

    Agreed Kelly! Let’s Stand up For Life as All as One as Equal!

  2. #2 by Martijn on January 5, 2011 - 9:11 am

    cool, I see this. Another excuse is fear of having no money which we use to not look further than our own little bubble.

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