Variety is the Spite of Life

It’s fascinating how we have come to perceive variety in quality as a good thing, but it’s only relevant in this current situation, where for most people the only way to have many things is to buy everything cheap. This is abusive, there is no reason anyone should have to have cheap things, while some can afford good quality things without ever having to work a day in their life. It’s fucked up that ‘cheap’ stuff even exists. No one deserves more or less than another. The inequality that exists is due to the inequal distribution of money and thus resources. It would not be hard for us all to have quality things, and it would use much less resources if we make things of better quality and thus more durable. Think of all the effects this would have- Less factories, less pollution, less work, less garbage, more satisfaction, less frustration. I am tired of living in a world that doesn’t make sense!

  1. #1 by joe kou on October 27, 2010 - 2:40 am


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