Murderers in the Making

Just the other day in my Communications class we watched a brief scene from one of those ‘Shrek’ movies, which I have not seen. In the scene an ogre was talking to a donkey (maybe one of them was Shrek, I don’t know, maybe the ogre?) anyway, the ogre was talking about ripping out people’s spleens. Wtf? This is what we call a children’s show? This is totally unacceptable shit. It’s quite a sign of how Fucked-Up we are that this is actually the kind of thing that we will not only accept to exist, but take children to go see or buy it for them to watch over and over.

This is what we call a children’s show?- I said this aloud in class and one student started remarking that this is what children like, they love this kind of stuff. But I pointed out the point that is missed is that children learn from the example of the adults in their life, especially the parents to a large degree in the beginning, that children pick up on how the parent or adult feels about/toward something, and learns by example what is ‘acceptable’.

It’s no secret how we treat our children. You can simply look at what exists in this world, who we are and what we do, and what we accept in our world, like war, starvation, etc, because we all were children once, come into this world innocent, yet somewhere we learned that these kinds of things is acceptable.

I used to be of the ‘mindset’ that ‘hey, it’s no big deal’, ‘kids don’t go out an commit acts of violence just because they saw it on tv’, but this was utter bullshit, because if I’d looked in self-honesty, I often would emulate or try to emulate things I saw in tv, or anywhere, things that I thought were ‘cool’. Tv shows of course are not ‘to blame’ for our behaviors, they are just a reflections of ourself, of what we accept and allow within ourself, and since we allow it in ourself, we allow it in the world and don’t even think twice about it, or consider that what we take for ‘normal’ might indeed be quite fucked up.

Now I realize the common sense of why not to accept such things in my world because I see what the outflow and consequence is, and that to allow abuse in my world is to allow abuse to happen to me, and I have experienced life with abuse and it is not cool and I say, ’til here, no futher’. It’s time we stand up and start acting in ways and supporting that which is beneficial to life, and stand up to and stop accepting that which is abusive. It’s such simple common sense really. Like 1+1=2.

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