Sweet Dreams

Dreams can be so supportive. They show me points that are unresolved, points which is still going on and effecting my experience of myself and my world. The dream ‘takec me by the hand’ and walks me right to the point and says, ‘here you go, look at this’. So Cool.
Last night in my dream, I was walking around a place similar to perhaps Northeast Philadelphia and mixed with some elements from somewhere in Jamaica, I forget where. Anyway, I was walking down the street through here, don’t remember where I was going, and just passing people as I walked and I think it was somehow an ‘odd’ time of day, like in the wee hours but I remember it being ‘dusky’ out, not very dark, but it was the time of day when it’s ‘odd’ people out, as opposed to the ‘regular’ daytime ‘traffic’. Fascinating.
Within this I see perceptions of times of day and types of people. Like ‘the regular daytime traffic’ is that daytime surge of people who are out and about working and particpating in turning the wheels of our system. And in jamaica, there is a sense of timelessness (duh, there is no time actually and this become evident where there is not a rigid time-based structured society, which is ‘easily’ taken for granted by ones that never saw it any other way, like myself which is why I experienced it as a ‘ ‘sense’ of timelessness’, when it’s actually a lack of the ‘sense’ of ‘time’)
I was walking by a small group of kids, maybe 3 or 4 and I forget how but we started joking around with each other, oh yes, one of the boys, they were all boys actually, he came behind me and put his arms on either side of me and I placed my arms across over his and toward the back and we pretended that his arms were mine and did funny things with the other kids this way. It was so cool to just be in the moment having fun, allowing myself to do that equal with these kids.
Then I was in sort of a strip mall that was partly indoors and part out and walking around with one kid and we were passing all sorts of junk food that was not in shops but just stacked up here and there as if being stored there waiting to be put away into a store or something, I don’t know, it was just sitting there, stacks of sodas or other sweetened beverages and various sweet snacks/candies, and we passed by a big ice cream machine sort of thing. And the kid was taking stuff as he went along, like happily fulfilling any desire that came up with whatever was there and just taking it. And I had a feeling of like, ‘darn’, ‘none of this will do anything for me’, ‘I can’t get anything out of this’.
This was the point I noticed first after waking and looking at this dream, which was so cool to have this ‘brought up’ for me in ‘plain sight’ so to speak, because I instantly realized that I had had this perception of that everyone who is still within this sugar addiction point (which is the majority of population in elite countries, probably not for the billions that live on less than 2 US dollars a day, I don’t know but they probably do not have access to much highly processed foods, shit like candies and sodas and well if you have a look at most of what’s in our grocery stores almost Everything has sugar, how bizarre is that? I guess in this Competition based system, everyone’s got to put the sugar in otherwise that addicts won’t pick it. Crazy how extensive this addiction is- Crazy how we can persecute those who have ‘drug’ addictions, how extensively they are ‘stigmatized’ and yet have a look- in our very grocery stores and EVERYTHING is full of the DRUG of SUGAR. Yes it’s a drug obviously as it is consumed for a HIGH and for NO OTHER REASON. You can say it’s for ‘taste’ but it’s not. Taste is programmed. It has to be programmed, thus can be unprogrammed. And hello, it’s programmed, in the first place. I.E. It’s NOT REAL. Look at how different cultures have different tastes, there is your proof. ‘Acquired tastes’.
So what I realized was that I had this perceptions of that I was ‘missing out’ in comparison to those who still are able to ‘believe’ they get something from eating sugar ‘foods’. I hadn’t yet realized that, there is actually Nothing There. There is Nothing that they are ‘getting’. There is nothing that I’m mising, I had understood that point, yet not yet fully applied it. So it was very cool to see this and realize that there really is not anything there, it’s all illusion, mirage, and there literally isn’t anything being missed or ‘left out’ of. There simply isn’t anything there.

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    Cool In-Sights Kelly – Thanks!

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