The NOT ‘So-Cute’ Little Jar

The ‘Cute’ Little Jar

I forgive myself that I’ve accepted and allowed myself to define ‘little’ things as ‘cute’.

I have been seeing this point and it has just now come up again, while washing a dishes, a ‘little’ jar, and an instant thought pops up that it is ‘cute’. So I decided let’s look at this point, because I would like to Stop it. This has been a point I have been addressing lately which is the point of judgment/value definitions based on specific appearances based on comparison. Fundamentally the polarity of ‘Attractive/Unattractive’ which can take myriad forms and contexts. Here specifically, I am looking at the definition of ‘cute’ in terms of ‘little’ things, wherein I have attached this definition of ‘cute’ to things which are smaller than other similar things. For example: children which are small humans, kittens/puppies/other small animals, small containers like bottles and jars, like miniature versions of things, I learned to define as cute, wherein I have a reaction to these things which is a ‘positive’ reaction, wherein I had defined that I ‘like’ ‘cute things’ and thus ‘enjoy’ seeing little things.
I experienced this point as a child which has provided me with a direct experiences to assist myself in seeing what it is I am doing within participating within and as this polarity point of ‘Attractive/Unattractive’ in terms of the definition of ‘Cute’. I had experiences where my parents were defining me as this point, where they were looking at me through this very Mind definition of ‘Cute’, and as a child I could see exactly what was happening- that they were not seeing me as the Being that I am Here, but that they were looking at a definition within their Mind, which only existed in their Mind and thus was Not Real, and thus had Nothing actually to do with me whatsoever. So it’s as if they were ‘looking right at me’ and yet ‘not seeing me at all’. But rather seeing a picture in their Mind from which they used to give themself a pleasant experience. At times, mostly as I got older, I experienced frustration toward this behavior toward me. This frustration obviously a friction toward myself, that I participated in that same behavior myself and had not yet seen and directed that point in myself.
I remember within myself I was thinking, “but I am not this ‘cute’, I am just myself and this ‘cute’ thing is not real, is not me” and becoming aware that ‘others’ are apparently ‘concerned’ with my appearance, and that they might have reactions to ‘how I look’ based on how they’ve judged that particular ‘picture’.
I no longer accept and allow this point of separation. I see the outflows, which is abuse of self as all, one and equal, and it is unacceptable to live as this point. I do not want to see my own Mind bullshit/hallucinations when looking at what is Here, I want to See what is Here as what it Actually is, Direct in All Ways. To See things that are Not Here is Delusional, and Blinds you from what Is Here and Prevents you from Being Able to Participate Fully in what is Here as the Physical as what is REAL.
Thank you Little Jar, for the support.

I forgive myself that I’ve accepted and allowed myself to assign a value to something based on it’s size compared to other things.

I forgive myself that I’ve accepted and allowed myself to define ‘little’ in terms of a polarity of ‘positive/negative’, wherein there is a ‘positive’ definition in terms of ‘cute’ and also a ‘negative’ side in terms of ‘little’ things being ‘diminished’ or of ‘less value’.

I forgive myself that I’ve accepted and allowed myself to generate positive experiences for myself based on defining and ‘seeing’ things as ‘cute’.

I forgive myself that I’ve accepted and allowed myself to validate and participate and support this point in myself and others throughout my life.

It’s Time to Stop participating in these Systems through which we Abuse each other and ourselves and All Life. To Stop passing on these systems of Judgment based on appearance from one generation to the next, and End this Cycle of Abuse. And End Suffering so we can All Stand Here as Equals and ENJOY Life.

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