No More Separation from Animals

I was just reading a blog by Cenk about his fears towards animals and this reminded me of some of the fears and resistances I’ve had toward various animals and/or other creatures. Over the years I had participated in and been faced with various points of judgment/separation/fear of certain animals, where I had the choice to participate or not. Like, someone reacting to spiders with fear and recoiling at the sight of one, so many behaviors like this I witnessed, like the point of seeing animals as ‘less’ than humans, ‘putting them down’, all sorts of acts and words of separation towards the various forms of life that exist in this world. There were times where I ‘bought into’ this and ‘played along’ and myself lived as these points of separation, judgment, and fear. And in a way I am grateful for the times that I did because this showed me how it is actually self-diminishing to participate in these things. And also I could see that if I continued to participate in and feed these points that eventually I might become so programmed by them that there would be no going back and I would have forgotten that I never actually had a problem with these other beings in this world. I knew if I continued I would simply be programming myself with points of debilitating possessions that would trap me in reactions which are unnecessary, delusional, and purely limitation.

How Dis-Eased have we become to be doing this to ourselves? Where we would do this to ourselves? Each of us ‘passing on’ these dis-eases to each other. I have seen this done for the sake of attention, and done so myself as well, in moments where I decided to ‘play this card’ of reacting to some ‘creature’, to draw attention to myself, like a vampire. Now I see the truth of this, what it really means in the context of everything, to participate in these points and accept and allow them to exist in this world, I see the separation that comes from that and how to support this is self-abuse- to support these points is directly harming myself and spiting myself as who and what I really am as All Life Here. I No Longer will support this behavior in my world as I see the consequences of allowing this, which leads to us as humans being dis-eased and separated from the rest of the world and the nature that is here as our world that we as humans live and exist in and depend on- Indeed how dis-eased to turn against the very nature that nourishes us and allows us to exist here in the physical. Til here, no further.

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