Starving is Not Cool – Equal Money to End Starving

“Did you find what you needed?” asked the cashier at the grocery store, as item after item passed over the scanner with that familiar “beep”. In that moment I could see the places where that is not asked, where you are starving, everyday, all your time is about finding the next ‘meal’, and no one gives a fuck if you “found what you needed?”

What if we asked those whose life is a constant struggle to survive? And why don’t we ask them? Why aren’t we asking them right now? Because we know full well, we don’t have to ask, we know that no, they are not finding what they need and they are suffering and starving to death.

There have been times in my life where I didn’t have any money, at all, and the thing about having no money, is that it means you have no access. No access to the systems which provide the Life Support that one needs, that one requires, to live in the physical. You can go into a store, you can look at all the food, you can be hungry, and yet- you can’t eat. It’s quite a fucked up situation. And physically uncomfortable. Being hungry is not a pleasurable experience. And I mean real hunger, where your body is requiring sustenance and not getting it, not like cravings, like when you’re addicted to some kind of food or taste or substance like sugar, you know, when you need food so bad that it ‘doesn’t matter’ what it is, so long as its edible. Doesn’t matter if its not the best food for your body or what your body would really prefer, its beyond that point, you just need food. To be at that point, and not have money, not any money, not even 50 fuckin cents, you come face to face with what’s it’s like to have no options.

It’s not a mystery what happens if you don’t get food. I would think that that is probably one of The Most Commonly Known Things. The way we’re running things in this world, it’s like we’re trying real hard to pretend we Don’t know. Half the world’s population is living in stark poverty and we act like everything’s just great, I mean, there’s even bumper stickers that say “Life is Good”- what a fat fuckin lie that is. It should say “Life is Good- FOR ME” cuz that’s what it is actually saying. And shows the extent to which we’ve become so separated from the rest of the world, focused only on our own little ‘bubble’ of existence, not even seeing or understanding just how limited and diminished it is to exist in this tiny little bubble practically all alone and completely insignificant to this world.

Just the other day I was in a grocery store I had never been to, and the produce section, well much of it was going bad, the lettuces and the broccoli and the strawberries and peaches and just about everything was looking pretty wilty, and it just amazes me how much food gets directed to our stores, so much, more than is even needed, because profit is trying to be gained, there is so much, what is it called, it’s like, something like ‘accepted losses’, losses which is planned in, and it’s all calculated so that a profit can still be made. Thus its not distributed according to what we need, but it’s all directed according to where profit can be made, and thus if there is no profit to be made in place, that is, if the people don’t have any money or don’t have very much, the food doesn’t go there. So the food ‘pools’, so to speak, and then there is excess which just ‘sloughs off’, it goes bad and is disposed of. This is pointless.

We can have a system which isn’t so stupid. Really. I mean look- if we ‘able’ to have one that is so fuckin difficult to maintain requiring so much excess labor to ‘make a living’, using up extensive resources faster than is sustainable, obviously we can make things much more effective and thus much easier, I mean, the majority of us has to slave away until you are so old you can’t anymore. What kind of a life is this? It’s not, it’s not what I’d call life, what I’d call actually ‘Living’, it is rather, like slowly Dying. How long are we gonna continue to accept things this way?

For a long time I didn’t see any solution or think that it was even possible to change things. I thought it was hopeless because what can one person do alone? Yes well one person alone cannot do diddly-squat. That’s why we are joining together, to stand up and make a difference, to stand up and be the change we want to see in this world. It’s one thing to want a better system, but we have to actually do it, actually make it. We have to actually stand up, stop accepting ourselves as enslaved and limited, and actually do what it takes to bring about a new system, one that will actually effectively support life. This is why we are developing the Equal Money System. As a system based on the fundamental principle of Equality, it is the only current valid solution.

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