Abusers Beware – You Will Be Exposed

There is so little time to do what I like, to do the things I’d like to do, things which don’t take labor, other’s labor, so they don’t need to take money, cuz you don’t have to buy another’s labor, but we have to spend so much time making money to pay for things on which the labor has already been done and paid for. Like paying rent, the house is built and the workers who built it and the workers who gathered and prepared the resources, none of them are being paid anymore, the money is now going to someone else who is not doing any labor. What kind of a fucked up world is this? What kind of a fucking joke is this? This is some evil shit. Some Evil, Spiteful shit. And we are some Stupid Fuckers for participating in and accepting a system in which we trade our labor for nothing. The whole system as it currently exist, is based on inequal transactions, it’s a basic mathematical principle that is not hard to understand, that in order for some to make fortunes, it must come from inequal deals. To continue to accept this is self-abuse. To support this current system as it is which has been designed around inequality and has been used and manipulated by those benefitting from the inequality to protect themselves so they can further fuck those on the losing end, is to be supporting your own enslavement, is to support yourself to be fucked by this system as well. And if you are not one of the ones being fucked by this system and you are supporting this system, then you expose yourself for what your true interest is and that is yourself and only yourself, and a warning to those who choose the path of self-interest in spite of others, is that those ‘others’ are in fact the majority and as more and more the veils are lifted and the truth of what is going on is exposed, we will no longer stand for this abuse, and abusers will be dealt with as they have Proven that they are Not able to Live Here in Equality with Other Beings without Abusing, and that is Unacceptable. Show that you Stand for What is Best For All, support an Equal Money System – a system based on the Principle of Equality, so that Life can be Enjoyable for All, not only some at the cost of others.

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