How Much Labor Does it Take to Support Life?

So I was looking at this point of if you took all that I’ve consumed in my life, and the labor that it took for all that to be available to me, and then take all the labor I have done in my life, and I wonder would it be equal?
In the time that I’ve labored, have a labored enough to build a house? To build a car? A refrigerator? A swing set? A bike? An oven? A chair? A bed? A pillow? A computer?
From one perspective I would say no, I have not labored as much as it took to create the things I have used in my life, considering what labor has been like, you know, considering all the points of how we humans have accepted and allowed labor to be like. For example, with the ‘outsourcing’ that goes on where a country hires workers in another country where the rules are less strict and the workers have less rights and therefore the companies can pay the workers less and the workers have less or no rights to protect them from abusive working conditions. And the obvious driving point behind the companies is profit, and therefore the companies will strive for a ‘kind of’ efficiency- an efficiency which is based on cost to the company, cost in terms of money, and therefore this doesn’t mean that actual real ‘efficiency’ is strived for, in terms of doing something in ways that is the most effective, taking everything into consideration, and thus the ‘corporate version’ of efficiency often does not consider what is best for the workers themselves, the ones that is providing the actual labor. Any apparent benefits to the workers that come from improvements is from the starting point of getting more production out of them then actual concern for the workers, and therefore any ‘benefits’ are basically ‘by accident’.
So all things considered, if we were able to implement all the technology we have, and actually take ourselves to a point where we actually are efficient, where we create things that last, that actually last, and aren’t actually ‘Built to Fail’, and have the best conditions possible to work in, where everyone has the most effective equipment and gear to work with, if we really applied ourselves, then how much labor would it take to make all the things I have used in my life?
Obviously much much less then it did. This is the kind of life we can look forward to in an Equal Money System, this is where this will be possible, and until we change the money system to one based on Equality, we will be stuck in this ineffectiveness and abusive working situations, where even in the ‘best of cases’ if you are not somehow endowed with large sums of money, you will be forced to work until you’re too old and tired to put out anymore and then hopefully you’ve saved enough money or there will be some social security still so you can get money to live off of from those who are still able to slave in the system.
Wow, you know, its just like in poor countries where they will have children in the hopes the children will make money to support them when they’re old. It is exactly the same thing as social security, the only difference is instead of the kids taking directly from the parents, we make it ‘less obvious’ by throwing all the money together in one pot and then drawing from that. Lolol.
Those of us who are ‘elite’ meaning those of us in the rich countries, the difference that separates us from the elites of the past who had actual slaves is we have simply found ways to ‘hide’ the slavery from our sight, so we can delude ourself it doesn’t exist. Quite Deluded indeed. Why would we not want to see what’s actually going on? Because we know it’s fucked up. So if you’re tired of this shameful existence of manipulation and abuse stand up and support an Equal Money System, so we can for once, Exist in Dignity.

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