Do We Really Need to Change the Current Money System?

It’s been argued that the current money system doesn’t need to be changed, but it’s us, people, ourselves who need to be changed and thus changing the system is irrelevant. Yes, it’s us ourselves that need to change, and when one consider what it will actually take for that to happen, it becomes obvious that changing the money system is absolutely necessary.

The money system doesn’t ‘have to’ change in order for one to realize themself- but look- I am in a position where I am able to realize myself and that is unarguably -fucking- awesome, I am able to realize myself although not even as ‘fast’ as I’d like because I’m working within what time I have- which is far more than most even have. The majority of the world, that is to say, more people are ‘less able’ than me, have ‘less’ opportunity than me, to realize themselves, than those who have equal or more ‘opportunity’, meaning, having the access to the fundamental things one needs in the physical to be able to exist in a functional capacity, such as food, water, clothing, AND having the things that make life more ‘convenient’, that is, makes the chores one must do take less time such as, washing machines, stoves, electricity and everything you can do with that, and then an income, some source of money, is obviously required to be able to have all these things, according to how things are set up currently, without money you have nothing, you have no access to these things. Only with all these things, does one even have time to consider self, to consider who self is here and what physical life is about, otherwise your time here is consumed completely with trying to acquire these basic points. Now, if the point was for just me and a few others to realize ourselves, to realize what’s going on in this world, then we could just stop here, right?  However, the point is to get to a point where we can exist here in a sustainable way, that doesn’t suck. And so within that it becomes obvious that that require that we must consider all life here, and not only ourself, because that is exactly what the problem has been, and why this world is manifested as hell and getting worse. It’s getting worse because we have as yet still not ever actually addressed the actual problem. Which is ourselves, which is who and what we accept ourselves to exist as, the ‘nature’ we accept ourselves to apparently ‘be’. We actually have accepted ourselves as inherently fucked-up, which has been only a convenient excuse to not stand up and change the world we are creating. Wow, that’s lame. And unfortunate. It’s also been used as an excuse to not consider others beyond oneself, where apparently one has ‘made it’ in the system and since they were able to, then they believe that anyone can, but what is ignored is that what is being said is “Anyone’ can make it’, and not “Everyone’ can make it’. This is really quite simple to see when, for example, you have a look at the game ‘Monopoly’- which is like a mini model of the current money system, and you can see that in the game someone wins and the others lose. You can’t have everyone win at the same time, it’s not how that game works. Some get the ‘valuable’ properties and the others don’t, it’s based on creating inequality so one can manipulate the other, putting the others into debt when they can’t afford to pay and effectively enslaving them ‘for life’, and this is what we’re doing in Real Life, not just on a little game.
It benefits us all to ‘raise’ everyone up, so to speak, because it is like that story about teaching a man to fish as opposed to just giving him fish, because then you will have to continue to give him fish, unless you simply teach him how to catch his own fish. We are nations of dependents who, when their government isn’t giving them enough fish, they take to the streets and start rioting. All sorts of damage, injuries, and time wasted, this is the price of supporting the masses of people to be diminished and dependent for the sake of profit, so that they can be forced into shitty jobs and long hours in order to make someone some profit while they can barely eke out a living for themself. How about a world where we all can fish and we can take care of ourselves. You wouldn’t have these riots, which is like children revolting against their parents for not doing a good job of taking care of them. This would not happen in a world where all are equalized in terms of education and access to necessities. And this simply cannot happen in this current system, it simply will not, as illustrated by the Monopoly example, it’s simply mathematically impossible based on how this system functions.  So obviously the system must change, if there is to be any ‘hope’ of actually being able to live here in this world as the ‘full’ expression of who and what we are and can be as life here in the physical. We must change the money system so that all has a chance, a chance to realize themselves, because I am so grateful that I have the chance, and I could just as easily have not had the chance, as many currently do not, and this is criminal. Do unto others as you’d have done unto you. Love thy neighbor as yourself. It’s so simple. Simple Common Sense.
Anyone who still does not yet see the point of an Equal Money System, keep investigating until you get it, it is the greatest gift you can give yourself.

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