Let Go of Judgment and Be Supportive

Support. I simply would not be where I am now without it. I’d still be completely lost and floundering in a see of mental bullshit- lost, confused, lonely, depressed, deluded and hopeless.
No longer, thanks to the support from those who realized that the only way this reality is going to change, is if we stop judging each other and start supporting each other. Such a simple obvious point, but which we have so extensively missed for so long. As you can just look around at see how extensively mired in judgment we are.
This judging each other obviously isn’t any kind of a solution that actually produce any kind of effective lasting change, because have a look, everything is still as fucked as it’s been, if not more so, no thanks to all the judging we’ve done and still do. In fact this judging is part of the problem, a very fundamental part, which keeps us looping the same shit over and over again.
Because we do not take what we see in this world and bring it back to self- the whole point of judgment is to blame another, and in so doing, avoid looking at oneself. Which is the fundamental point which prevent any change. Because you can only change yourself, and therefore self-investigation, is the key. Self-investigation in self-honesty in order that one can see who and what one has become and is living as and thus bringing into this world through one’s actions, in order that one can consider the consequences and outflows of one’s behavior, and then correct oneself accordingly.
Judgment is what makes this practically impossible, through judgment we hold each other stuck in perceptions and projections, wherein we blame each other for who we’ve been, rather than support each other in who we can be.
Suggest let go of the past, forgive yourself from everything you’ve held onto, let it all go so that not only you but everyone can be free to change, so that finally some real lasting change in this reality can occur.

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