You Create that which You Fear- Stop it

It’s quite a shock sometimes the extent to which people can be in denial of what’s really going on in this world, of the kinds of lives that people are living, lives that no one would ‘choose’ for themself, if they have the choice.

Some do have the choice- some have the money to buy a decent life. Many do not. What shocks me, is the extent to which some will utterly refuse to see this point of how many people literally do not have a choice to do anything about their situation- Obviously, this ignorance is deliberately used in order that they can justify not doing anything about the situation- they think, whether on a conscious level or subconscious, that if they can just pretend that they are in no way responsible, then they won’t have to do anything, nothing will have to change, and their reality can stay exactly as it is- You see, what this shows is that they are, In Fact, aware of the actual situation, by the very act of them trying to protect their reality- they EXPOSE that they DO KNOW what is going on, because they FEAR IT HAPPENING TO THEM! In their Fear, they try to Manipulate so they don’t have to face an existence anything like those that’s on the “Less” side of the Polarity, they Manipulate so that they can maintain their own Private Heaven, in Separation from everyone else. It is this very point of our current Accepted Nature, which Causes and Supports the Abuse in this World.

It is this very Mindset- this pattern of Fear and Manipulation for Self-Interest in Spite of the Whole, which is causing the Suffering n this World- Suffering which, In Fact, doesn’t need to exist. Thus, what you essentially have here, is people literally Hiding from their Own Shadow- they are Fearing that which they Create and Creating that which they Fear- an Infinite Never-Ending Cycle to No-Where.

Thus Stop being Enslaved in the Limitation of Fears, which you are the Cause of Anyway. Have some GUTS- Investigate Real Solutions for the Problems in this World- Be a Real Human Being Here, not just a Robot Enslaved to Fear clutching Desperately to your little Heaven, which you Will Inevitably Lose. Get Busy making a Heaven that will Stand the Test of Time- then you will Never have to Fear Again. It’s So Simple- Have you GOT IT Yet??


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