‘Time is Money’ and the Physical is Disregarded

Something I’ve been considering off and on for many years now, is this point of how we are trained to have a ‘dominant’ side of the body for various activities- the most obvious example being which hand you write with- isn’t it strange actually, that we only learn with one hand? When I look at why this is I see we are trained to put all effort into one hand, thus the accumulation will seem to be ‘maximized’ so to speak, concentrate all your labor on the one point, so to get ‘maximum output’, but the more I try and explain this point, the more ridiculous it sounds. It is more of that funny fuzzy ‘logic’ of the mind, stuff. Where the mind likes to come up with all sorts of ‘reasons’ to do this or that. Instead of just consider in common sense what is best.

I can see that we are taught to write with one hand, because to learn with both would take ‘longer’, and in a slavery-based system as we have, that is just unacceptable- I see this point reflected in so many ways. Like in my schooling- often the class moves so fast, there is not sufficient time to really sit with a point and get familiar with it to a point of satisfaction- or to go deeper into a point and do further research, rather its very generalized like an overview just skimming the basics. Just a few months, few classes a week, and thats it for that subject, on to the next- but that’s how it is in this “Time is Money” system.

Throughout my life, I’ve noticed as time passed, this developing asymmetry, and at one point, maybe early twenties, I realized- Fuck. I’ve been developing this asymmetry for roughly twenty freakin years. Does that mean it would take me twenty freakin years to correct it?

Well, it’s really irrelevant at this point how long it would take or if it’s ‘possible’, all I can do is- see what I can do. When I first began considering these points I started spending time writing left-handed (I’m right-handed), which I found quite enjoyable, and I played with that for some time. It fascinated me how awkward it felt, compared to how it felt to write with my right hand, and I tried a little trick, with quite fascinating results! I told myself to stop thinking about writing with my left hand, meaning to stop expecting it to feel awkward, basically, and ‘told myself’ to make it feel like my right hand, or rather to not expect it to not feel as normal as with my right hand, lol, if that makes sense. And the results were literally instantaneous- fascinating! The writing was 100 times neater and significantly closer to what it looks like when writing with my right hand. Though I have not continued with this point very much, to bring it to a point of actual equalization.

I’ve been studying on my own about the human physical body, the structure and how it moves- and what I am seeing is that a lot of conditions and ailments that occur in older age stem from imbalanced usage of the physical body. Which means they could be quite easily prevented, by simply not learning and forming habits of using the body inequally. This information however is suppressed, because there is a lot of money to be made from treating these imbalances with drugs and such- none of which can possibly do anything to ‘cure’ it, as none address the cause- which is imbalanced use of the physical body. One thing I have found very supportive is The Alexander Technique, the point of which is to unlearn your bad habits of how you move/use your body. Quite supportive- would be great if everyone had access to this and the time to apply it. In an Equal Money System one could have the time for such things- one could actually take the time to consider the physical. Wow..

I remember as I was beginning my journey into the working world, and even before that, in school, I noticed there seemed to be no time for the physical, as if it almost didn’t even exist, such is the extent to which it’s taken for granted that here we are in this physical reality as physical beings in and as a physical human body- I mean, really quite fucked up that we all go running around like chickens with our head cut off- quite literally, except the other way around, where we are always in our head and completely detached from our body. Lol, some people try to have out-of-body experiences, well the human already do that quite extensively!

If you look at it in common sense- you don’t wanna go making imbalances in the physical- I mean, you’re not gonna go build a table and make the legs on one side shorter than the other, shits gonna fall off the table- it’s not going to be really functional as a table, is it.

With an Equal Money System we will not have to force our body into imbalances to make sure we can do enough slave labor just to support ourself in this existence. We will have the time to actually Realize ourself here, as who and what we Really are, not stuck in a Slave Race- the Human Race- Racing to some invisible finish line- never Here- in Reality. Time to Be Here.



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