What is Possible When the Human Stops Living as a Routine?

It’s fascinating how our expression has come to be such that it’s always preprogrammed, preplanned, scripted, practiced and repeated over and over again: ‘routines’. It’s not done from a point of developing self’s ability to move from/within/as the moment, but rather self moves self in the moment in a predesigned pattern, over and over until such pattern becomes programmed in into the physical, and one can simply perform this pattern from ‘muscle memory’.
You see this in everything- we live this in everything we do- it is literally how we exist at such a fundamental level- it’s quite fascinating, and yet, it is so limited.
All this effort and time put into learning a routine, and then, you are really effective at doing that routine, that’s it. Rather than developing the ability to move in the moment, one simply develops the ability to repeat predesigned preprogrammed routines, which is what we call: a robot.

We do this out of the belief that if we don’t, we will not be able to get as good results. We do this because we fear if it is not absolutely preprogrammed, there could be ‘mistakes’ and ‘failures’, so we try to plan to ‘avoid’ these things- with the result that we are only able to move in a preprogrammed manner. The result is that we don’t actually solve the apparent ‘problem’ of ‘making a mistake’- we try to ‘avoid’ the problem- and if you have a look- that is obviously not ever the way to solve a problem.

Therefore- the ‘problem’ has remained- despite preplanning, extensive practicing and repetition, there is still ‘mistakes’ and ‘failures’, which are then ‘exaggerated’, due to the suppression of the point, rather than dealing with it and facing it head on. Like, people will react with such ‘surprise’ and ‘shock’ for example, when a ‘performer’ has made a mistake, because ‘that was not supposed to happen’ because that is exactly what all the relentless practicing and practicing, in the form of repetition is intended to prevent!

However, if we face this point, instead of trying to avoid it, which is impossible- if we stop ‘relying’ on preprogrammed predesigned routines, and start building self-trust to act in the moment, here, unplanned- the more one do that you will accumulate the point of being able to move from/within/as the moment here, not needing any preprogrammed routine, rather than accumulating this point of simply being a robot who must have a preprogrammed plan to execute.

You can begin to imagine what could be possible, if we apply this point, if we trust ourselves to let go of this believed need to act only within and as routines, and start developing self trust to be here as life unscripted in the moment- to no longer simply be robots incapable of actually living. Have a look, you can apply this point to literally everything, as who/what/how we currently exist. Quite fascinating.

I suggest get busy developing and accumulating the ability to be here in the moment, as self trust, to be able to express yourself here as who and what you really are, so that you can be here, actually, and be Real, and not just be an ‘act’, a ‘routine’, a predesigned, preprogammed ‘robot’ only repeating itself, like a sad broken record.

The Desteni I Process is a life-couching course, created for this purpose, to assist in the process of de-programming oneself as a robot, and re-creating oneself as life here, to assist self in developing the self trust and accumulating the ability to express oneself freely as who one really is, here, in the moment, free from limitations. Give yourself the most meaningful gift possible and get started with your Desteni I Process today.


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