Stopping Self-Beliefs of Limitation Leads to Unexpected Change

So a fascinating point has opened up for me which is to start my own business. This is not something I ever thought I’d do, or could do. It seemed like such a far-off thing that was probably too complicated and too difficult a task for me to accomplish. Lol, I mean the self-belief that I was participating in was so limiting, it was actually keeping me from seeing that I in fact could quite easily have a business. I mean if I’d realized, ‘hey wait a minute- how does other people have businesses? and they don’t seem any different or ‘better’ than me, or somehow ‘special’, so what would indicate that it’s something I’m not able to do?’- perhaps I would have done this some time ago.

As it is, I am here now, and walking this path of starting and operating a business. Primarily, I decided to do not only because I see it will work and that I can do it, but also in order to gain some experience in how to run a business and to get familiar with business laws and procedures. This will be valuable experience in terms of learning more about the current system and how it functions, and thus how I’m able to function within and as it.

So, in the next several months I’ll be getting everything in order and ready to launch. Fascinatingly, there has been moments where suddenly a thought ‘pops-up’ like, ‘wait a minute- am I.. am I.. starting a business??’ Lol, as if my mind is finally ‘catching up’ to what is going on and according to how it was programmed, what I am doing now just does not compute. Shows how slow and unintelligent the mind system is, lol. I’ve had thoughts of fears such as ‘what if no one buys anything- then I am just wasting money’- And what I realized is that this is a point that probably most people who’ve decided to start a business have had to face- the uncertainty and the fear that one could lose what they put it. How unfortunate that things exist this way, that we exist this way, wherein for those who’ve stood up to make businesses have had to go through and face such points, considering that I depend on businesses for my very survival. Certainly not all businesses, in fact many many businesses are completely unnecessary and irrelevant to life in every way, yet business such as farms, grocery stores, clothing stores, electric company, etc, are businesses that I rely upon to get that which I need.

Therefore I would want these companies to be supported- not have the responsibility thrust onto some individual to make a company and do whatever it takes to be able to make that company survive- it doesn’t make any sense, in fact it’s outright dangerous to have the very businesses which support me by providing my needs to exist here in the physical to be all trying to stay afloat in a sea of competition with each other. No benefit comes from this system, except the monetary benefit of those in the ‘winning’ companies, who’ve had to sell out humanity in order to ‘win’ and thus everyone else ‘loses’. This is such a Lie, and I no longer care to live this Lie- therefore I fully support an Equal Money System, wherein there will exist no competition- we will not have an Economy which is designed just like a Gladatorial Arena, where we pit companies against each other, where whoever manages to be the most Abusive, gets the ‘prize’ at the expense of the ‘losers’. This is how we end up in a world where Corporations Rule and Life is Disregarded for Profit.


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  1. #1 by Sylvia on February 21, 2011 - 2:09 am

    What kind of business are you gong to set up? Being your own boss is great, but the responsibilities and the irregular incomes gives me from time to time quite some worries. Which is kind of stupid, while working for a boss instead, my boss “feels” those fears of maybe not making enough money to pay me. Only then I won’t “feel” it and therefore I do not “feel” responsible for it. Being my own boss gave me a realistic view into reality with all the ups and downs, so go for it.

    • #2 by kellylouiseposey on February 21, 2011 - 3:24 am

      I’ll be selling handmade items, mostly things I knit. Yes, cool points Sylvia, it’s cool to face these points, these fears, to see what is really going on in this world. I had a lot of fears in the past at the thought of running a company- cool to face that now, and see what happens. And cool to see that a business depends on simply doing the equation of- is there something people will buy that I can provide. However of course not everyone can own a business at the same time, therefore its not a path everyone can take and benefit from in the current system, and thus why we need an Equal Money System.

  2. #3 by joekou on February 22, 2011 - 11:03 pm

    awesome, kel!

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