I Need a Young Man Around to Keep Me ‘Straight’?

Yesterday at work, I noticed an interesting pattern in me, that I found quite funny, to see play out, wherein there was a guy at my work who is near my age, whereas usually it’s just much older males that I am around all day, so what I noticed was upon entering my place of work and becoming aware of the presence of this ‘younger’ male who is more near my age, I stood up much straighter and was much more aware of myself and my body and my posture and how I was holding myself and moving myself, it was quite entertaining to see this ‘instantaneous’ change, in fact I am laughing just remembering it, and also what I noticed is that it ‘felt really good’, but not in terms of an ‘energetic’ feeling, but simply that of the physical wherein, I was holding myself in much better posture and I immediately felt much more comfortable in my body- which made me realize that I’d actually been feeling uncomfortable before this ‘change’.

So this was a really cool point to have come up, and I see how I can actually use this point ‘for a moment’ to ‘jog myself’ into awareness of myself here in and as the physical until the awareness is lived in fact, wherein I can ‘tell myself’ there is a ‘young guy around’ to remind me of this point to consider my posture and how I am holding myself and moving myself, from the perspective of using it as a ‘point of reference’ to support myself to see and get some perspective on what is my participation in and as the physical in that moment.

How funny to have separated myself from this point, to see now how without the presence of the similar age male it’s as if I lack a point of motivation to be aware of and considering myself as the physical. I’m grateful this point came up as I can see now how I can apply what I’ve realized and live as that motivation myself, and really to see what I was doing which I hadn’t even noticed until this moment. It shows me that I have not yet stood stable in every moment as myself here as breath as the physical one and equal with my body and every part of it in awareness of it as myself, fully, present, here.

In that moment where I instantly had gone into this ‘better’ posture and realized the implication of this reaction, I realized ironically it’s like, ‘gee, I just need to have a guy my age around all the time, and I will always have great posture! and feel great!’ hahaha. Even just before I started to write this blog, I applied this realization, wherein I asked myself, how would you be sitting just now, if there was a guy around, and I instantly realized I was slouching, rather uncomfortably! and this point really assisted me to see this so I could then correct it, it’s so cool. So I see I can utilize this point of ‘telling myself’ there’s a young guy around as long as I need to ‘jog this point’, until it becomes no longer relevant and I simply am sitting/standing/moving in awareness and comfortability as a living expression of who I am in each and every moment.


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