I Talk to GOD- No Wait, That’s DOG

So there is a dog here where I am staying at the moment. He was making noises and then he started barking and I was watching and listening to him do this and wondering if he was just having fun or if he was distressed about something. He did not seem distressed. Then I remembered a story from one of Sunette’s blogs where one of the dogs on the farm was ‘messing around’ with the humans when he realized he could manipulate them with frequencies through certain sounds he would make, and was having quite fun with this. So I looked in myself to see where I was being manipulated by the frequencies that Rocco (this dog with me here) was making because I could tell that I was, in that I was having conflict in myself as whether the dog required attention or was just trying to manipulate me or what. So I noticed that certain sounds I had some reaction to, like ‘whining’ as being a message that he requires attention or for me to do something.

So I looked as he was whining and saw he is not urgent and does not actually require attention or assistance with anything. As soon as i established that point, he bagan to bark, and at every bark my eyes would twitch and there was like a slight ‘jump’ in me. So I found this quite interesting and it was actually cool for him to do this barking as it assisted me to see this point of reaction.

He barked louder and sharper each time, and I’d breathe and stop reaction in myself. And then I became curious about the soundof barking and how he and all dogs express themself in this way and use their body to make this sound. So I let out a loud forceful bark, and he stopped suddenly and seemed quite surprised, like he was not expecting that at all, lol. After a moment he resumed barking, and then I barked a few times again, and again he stopped, like wtf is this, lol.

Then I was going to go back to doing my homework, but then I remembered how one of the dogs owners had earlier when the dog was doing something, I forget what if he was barking or just running around bumping into things, but they had made the comment that he was loud, and I noticed that he doesn’t seem to make any noise like barking very much when the owners are around. He also gets some kind of training, like hunting dog and obedience training so maybe being quiet is part of that.

Anyway, I went to go talk to him about this, and then I could see he would like to be petted and I’d like to do so as well, but he has a tendency to lick a lot and I was not ‘in the mood’ for that at the moment, so I expressed that to him and he did not lick me while I was petting him. So I spoke to him about the noise point, and told him I don’t care if he makes noise when I’m around, he can be loud, and it will be up to me to stop reactions to that.


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