Living in a Debt System is Stupid in All Ways

In starting my own business, I am seeing more and more, just how fucked this system is. Just how contrary to common sense, and actually quite tragic, is this system that we’re currently accepting and living in/with/as.

It’s definitely a Pay to Play system, and if you can’t Pay, obviously you can’t ‘Play’, only, in many cases, we’re not talking about ‘Playing’, we’re talking about SURVIVING. This is quite a Disgrace, what’s going on in this World, what we’re Allowing, through our Participation in the System, through our Deliberate Ignorance of the Outflows and Consequences of our Actions.

Even just looking at this elite country of the U.S. where it is not nearly so dire as in other places, it is still fucking sad.

To start a business, you have to go into debt, that is, the business has to go into debt, because it has to pay for registration, and in the state of PA when you register a ‘fictitious name’ you must place a notice in the local legal newspaper and a second local paper, according to the Fictitious Names Act, if one day you’d like your business to be represented in court, otherwise, if you don’t place these notices and your business winds up in court, you could have to pay a fine of several hundred dollars. To place each of these ads was roughly $70 each, and registration with the state was also $70. Then there is supplies to be bought and other various things, like I’ll be setting up a website from which I’ll do most business, and get some business cards to advertise, it all takes money. I couldn’t have done this in the past when I simply did not have the ‘extra’ money to pay for these things.

So, you pay these things upfront, and there is no guarantee that you will even sell anything, although with researching and common sense, you can be reasonably certain to an extent. Basically, it’s all ‘on you’ and you’re ‘on your own’ in this system.

In an Equal Money System, this won’t even be relevant- how the current system functions will be totally irrelevant, as it is already irrelevant- it’s irrelevant to life- in fact, the purpose of our current system is to serve Profit and Money, and it does so with total Disregard for Life. This is sheer Lunacy, to have a system which Disregards ourselves, and everything here, and only functions for the interest of an idea called ‘Profit’ which is the idea that only Some can have a Life which is Dignified, and All the Rest Cannot and must Slave away doing Bullshit jobs for no reason other than to serve as apparent ‘competition’ with each other, so that the Slaves will try to ‘better each other’ in producing goods/services for the ‘Masters’. Quite Fucked Up, and Totally Not Necessary.

In an Equal Money System, where all are supported to have access to their needs, rather than just a few people in the current system, ALL will be supported- that leaves No One Out, ALL is Included, That Means YOU. YOU will be supported to have your needs- you will not be required to Prostitute yourself in any way possible- to get the money you require to put food on your table and a roof over your head, etc.

This will Effectively end Slavery- as no one will be able to force another to work in situations that is harmful.

This will change completely how businesses are done. As we won’t need to ‘Feverishly’ be trying to create businesses to create more jobs, because everyone will already be supported for their needs, thus it won’t be a life-and-death game anymore. Thus the business and such we create- will not be so haphazard as they are now, but can be thoroughly researched and considered, and really ‘done right’ in terms of taking the time to take everything into consideration, every consequence and outflow, and never at any point having to ‘cut corners’ or deliberately fudge scientific tests and whatnot just so that the business can get started selling the product and making profit, even if the product has not yet been tested fully and made certain that it is not harmful to humans- there is a lot of horrific suffering that comes from this kind of shit.

See, the Equal Money System is so Obvious because it will simply end all that abuse and bullshit and we can actually be Here and Live in Dignity, and no one has to suffer.


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  1. #1 by Lauri Kotaja on March 3, 2011 - 7:09 am

    In Finnish the word ‘credit’ also means ‘trust’, and that’s what it is. One who gives out a loan, or credit, for another to be able to start a business is in essence deciding who to trust and who to distrust. This is a relevant point in a ‘life or death’ system, but not in an equality system. It’s quite fucked that we do not supply basic necessities for all for free, so that it would be possible for resources to form huge concentrations.

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