Access to Information Changes Everything- Equal Money System gives Equal Access to All

During a recent visit with my mom, I saw some cool examples of the effects of having access to information can have on one’s perception/understanding of the world and what’s here. I had brought my American Government textbook with me, as I had some reading homework I needed to do, specifically on a chapter about Political Parties, our Two Party System, and the History of Political Parties in the U.S.

I was kneading some dough to make pretzels as I’d decided to do some baking while I was there, as at my own home there is not a working oven, so I was going to suggest she read aloud from the book. The book was sitting on the table, and before I’d said anything about it, she went right to it and sat down and opened it up and started reading, so I, teasingly, said- “Ehem, I can’t quite hear what you’re reading”. So then she began to read out-loud, which I mentioned was cool to get practice in voicing oneself.

She has not really been one to get particularly involved in politics, but probably has considered herself a Democrat, and she’s Canadian, though she has gotten U.S. Citizenship recently. However her husband considers himself Republican and has been more involved, well actually, I guess it’s not so much ‘involvement’ as in actually doing things or taking action to support the party, but rather being active in having opinions and discussing with others and watching the news and caring about the issues of that specific party. For the most part, I think they just try to avoid talking politics with each other and just tolerate that point, so it’s a kind of suppressed point between them.

My mom has also had jobs which keep her fairly exposed to other members of the community where she lives, and where people tend to know each other and be very gossipy about each other, such as working at the local grocery store and working in a retirement home. As a result, she has been faced with public opinions and has had some ‘clashes’ with those who define themselves as Republicans, and live out that pre-designed program of specifically designed opinions and beliefs.

So, with that bit of background explained- As she was reading about the history of the parties, she was quite fascinated to find that there have been times where there was only one party in existence, or that there was once a party called the Democratic-Republicans, and she rushed off with the book to go read this to her husband and share with him. Which was really cool to see this curiosity and eagerness to learn and share. It just shows what happens when one has the access, because the $100 textbook was sitting right there, the only reason it was there is because I bought it, and I would not have known about this book if I hadn’t been ‘introduced’ to it through the college course I’m taking and needed it for- and I wouldn’t have access to go to college if it wasn’t for the ‘decent-paying’ job I have combined with government financial aid that allows me to just be able to afford it, a couple classes at a time.

Imagine what life would be like in an Equal Money System, where all would have access to Information and Education, where Information is no longer withheld for the sake of profit, keeping others suffering in ignorance, just to make a buck off the ones that can manage to pay. What kind of a fucked up world are we accepting and allowing? It’s time to stop treating ourselves like slaves who have no value, who can only get value through toiling and struggling, and stand up for a system which will support us. Equal Money System = Equal Education for All


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