Just Another Day in Court..and Another, and Another?

I spent the majority of Monday morning in a court room, watching and sitting patiently as many people came before the judge to receive ruling for the ‘crimes’ they’d committed. The courtroom had been nearly empty when I’d arrived, but by the time court was about to be started, the room had filled with people until there was standing room only.


I sat through many cases as I waited for the case in which I was a witness to have it’s turn before the judge. I watched the sort of pre-programmed dance that takes place, and you know that it happens much the same everyday. The same routine, the same players, the same words being spoken, over and over, as if it never ends, and just goes on infinitely. Eventually, there will be a different judge, as the thickly-framed portraits of past judges on the wall clearly indicate, and there will be different officers, and lawyers, and so-called ‘criminals’, and yet, the system, continues just the same.


And it’s All totally Unnecessary. All these people standing and sitting here for hours, awaiting a life-changing decision to be made by someone they’ve never met. While lawyers put into use the hours and hours of information they’ve learned in law school, to be able to act as the ‘facilitators’ in this court process, acting as the liason or ‘translator’ between the judge and defendant, as more often than not, the defendant has almost no knowledge of the law whatsoever.


Fascinatingly, the Judicial system operates based on a form of ‘debt’, similar to how our money system does, and similar to the religious idea that man is ‘born in sin’- basically a ‘you fucked up and now you must pay’ kind of viewpoint, wherein those that are brought in facing charges are simply judged and given a punishment. They committed the crime, they broke the law, they fucked up, and now they must ‘pay’ their debt. It is simply a system which judges for the past, and does not consider in any way any kind of solution. It doesn’t look to see why people are choosing to break these laws and face punishment, it is simply punishing and charging a fee, of course.


As I sat there all morning, watching this orchestrated dance take place, it struck me, just how obviously completely unnecessary this whole process is. It is not doing anything to actually stop crime, and therefore it is just a process that’ll keep repeating endlessly, all these people here, for no reason, sitting in room all day, watching the lawyers say their lines, directing the defendants, stand here, raise your hand, say these words…


How pointless this is when most crime can be stopped simply by implementing a new monetary system, a system that is based on equality and not inequality- because most crime is theft due to some having less than others- which is a result of the current capitalist system. Just imagine what we could be doing, what all the people in that courtroom could be doing, if there was no crime, no ‘criminals’ to be processed- the possibilities are limitless with an Equal Money System in which we’ll no longer be limited and enslaved by Money. Where we will be free to create systems in which people can actually be supported rather than judged and sentenced and punished, which often leads one further down a life of crime.


Investigate Equal Money.



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