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Why Do You Laugh? Some Points to Ponder..

I was cruising the Desteni forum, and I came across this post which is really cool and I wanted to share. (Link to original post on the forum here, scroll down):

“Perspective on: Laughter


Did you laugh because you realised the ridiculousness of accepting and allowing such beliefs/perceptions of self influencing oneself?

Did you laugh as a protection/resistance mechanism used to not apply forgiveness?

Did you laugh because you realized that the exact same belief/perceptions of self exist within you?

Did you laugh as ‘hidden judgment’ of the forgiveness words – ‘thinking’ it not necessary to apply forgiveness?

Did you laugh through fear of facing you in application of forgiveness – therefore laugh in fear instead of applying forgiveness immediately.

Where did the laughter originate from?

How did you experience the laughter?

Did you experience the laughter as the entirety of you or from a ‘source’ within you?

What is laughter?

Where does laughter originate from?

Why do we laugh?

Is laughter an expression of me?

Is laughter a method used by the mind to hide instead of facing me?

Do I use laughter or is it an expression of me?
See – all experiences of self must be looked at with absolute self honesty – thus assisting and supporting self in making sure in every moment: I am self honest with me as me.



These are some really assisting questions to ask oneself in a moment when you laugh, to assist you to see why you are laughing, and are you laughing as a ‘natural’ expression of yourself, so to speak- or are you laughing as a form of mind-possession reaction to something, like as a way to avoid seeing or doing something and thus using laughter to support self limitation.

Laughter / laughing is a great way also to help one to let go of built-up stress, and to help ‘shake’ yourself out of a stressful moment. When you notice you’re all tensed-up and anxious, just stop, and laugh.

And if the thought comes up of- “But how do I just laugh? I can’t just laugh for no reason..”

Then you definitely want to laugh! – you just MAKE yourself do it, even if it’s awkward at first- that’s no problem- that is just because you’ve just never laughed without a reason before.

So, the next time you find yourself feeling like things are ‘getting to be too much’, take a moment for yourself, and laugh. No, it won’t solve your problems- but it will help release the built-up tension and anxiety- and THAT WILL help you to deal with whatever you are facing.


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It Was a Matter of Taste, Now it’s a Matter of Fact – part 2

So, to continue now with the story of my process of becoming aware of what/how I eat, and separating ‘fact from fiction’, so to speak, meaning basically, discovering what was actually ‘real’ in terms of my eating habits/preferences- and I’ll explain just what I mean by that-

You see, what I realized was that I had never really considered eating and how/what I eat from the perspective of what it does to my physical body and whether it actually benefits my body or not. Now, I ‘thought’ I had considered that on occasions, but it was only ever from a starting point of belief, wherein I was following some knowledge or information I had heard or read, about what is apparently ‘nutritious’ or supposed to be ‘good for you’.

And therefore, I would attempt to make changes to my diet according to the knowledge and information, with the expectation of certain results based on the information I was going off of. Then I would view whatever I seemed to feel within me through those expectations. But I had not yet understood how I could be influencing and creating experiences within myself through my mind, and thus could not at that time, distinguish between what was an actual physical feeling and what was simply self-created through and by the mind.

And on top of that, I had no practical context in which to place my observations of what I experienced- meaning, I had no practical common sense perspective of how my body actually functions, or is ‘supposed’ to function, or rather, what is ‘effective’ functioning of my human physical body.

Much of the information available about the human physical body is not expressed in a common sense way looking at the hole picture from a perspective of understanding and taking self-responsibility for how we create our experience of ourselves and how we are manifested.

This is simply an outflow of the fact that we have simply not yet investigated ourselves in a common sense way, since we have been simply becoming more and more lost in the mind, believing more and more that the mind consciousness system is who we are, and more and more disregarding and separating from ourselves as the physical. Thus, our science often gets quite lost in this as well, losing itself within perspectives of ‘us’ being merely ‘observers’ to the physical, with no ability to direct the physical, like we are simply victims of the physical. For example, that our ‘genes’ determine our behaviour, taking away our response ability and making the physical ‘to blame’ for our actions. Some things may indeed be programmed into the physical, the problem is when we support the idea that everything is due to the physical, without considering our own participation, and considering how we are able to respond, how we are able to take self-responsibility and actually be able to ‘reconstruct’ ourselves as the physical in awareness of the consequences and outflows of who and what we live as.

So, it is up to us to actually start to investigate ourselves and sort out the mental bullshit from what is real, and that is basically what this process of exploring my diet was and is all about..


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It Was a Matter of Taste, Now it’s a Matter of Fact – part 1

You know what is so interesting, is how I am experiencing how I eat, and who I am within how I eat now, which is very different from how I used to be. For example, I was recently at the grocery store just doing some shopping, and I thought, you know, I’d like ‘a treat’. But there wasn’t anything particular in mind, so as I walked down the isles I was considering- what exactly is it I could have for a ‘treat’.

Right away, I already know that virtually anything in the entire store that might be defined as ‘treat-like’ is going to have sugar in it – the typical refined sugar and probably lots of it. It’s probably also going to have wheat flour, and possibly milk or cream as well. After all I’ve done over the last couple years in regards to my diet, and becoming more aware of what I eat and why I eat, a lot of the attraction that I had to foods that contained those ingredients just totally disappeared. But it’s not like it just vanished out of the blue, oh no-

I had built up a relationship to these foods, these foods had been what I’d always eaten, literally, my whole life. I mean, if you have a look- most foods in the store today contain those ingredients- sugar, wheat, and milk. In fact, for anyone who has tried, you know it is actually quite difficult to find foods that do not contain one or all of those ingredients, sugar being perhaps the most pervasive.

So, these were the foods I’d ‘grown up with’. In other words, I was ‘comfortable’ with these foods, I was ‘used to’ them. It was what I’d come to expect and accept as a ‘normal part’ of a ‘normal diet’. It was what everyone else was eating, too. So, really, there didn’t seem to be anything to question about it, and thus it was simply taken for granted.

When I realized, however, that these preferences were actually based in the past, and were just based on memories, I decided to experiment and test and see whether these preferences were actually ‘real’ preferences, or if they were just ‘illusory’- especially when I also realized that I’d always based my preferences on, predominantly, whether  or not I ‘like the taste’, and for the most part, totally disregarding how it made me feel after the initial eating, you know, how did it effect my body, what was it like to digest it? How did I actually feel afterward?

I was actually quite shocked to have so missed this point, which seems like such an obvious point now, but one I had really not considered. Nobody else was concerned about it either- everyone only ever mentioned how something tasted, not so much what it felt like after, except for maybe beans, as that tends to have a rather humorous effect on most people!

For the most part, it’s all about ‘oh, this tastes sooo good’, or ‘oh, that look so yummy’, which is interesting to consider how does something ‘look’ tasty? And this is largely how we’ll eat, how we’ll determine what to eat, we’ll think about what we’d like to ‘taste’. In fact, most of the time, I was actually ignoring what effect the food might have on my body, because I was literally putting the fixation with certain ‘tastes’ as the top priority, and therefore I’d eat things that I thought tasted good, but that I wouldn’t feel too good after eating. I found this to be quite a bizarre way to behave actually, once I really looked at what I was doing.

And so began my process of realizing who I was in regards to eating and food, and there is much more to follow as I will share what I have discovered as a result of experimenting and becoming aware of myself, so stay tuned..

to be continued..

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