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Stephen Hawking: HEAVEN is a FAIRY STORY for People Afraid of the Dark

Is Heaven just a Fairy Story?

In recent interview Stephen Hawking claims that there is no heaven, it’s a fairy story for people afraid of the dark.” See interview here.

In the interview, Stephen Hawking comments that, “One can’t prove that god doesn’t exist- but science makes god unnecessary. The laws of physics can explain the universe without a need for a creator.”

I’d clarify this by saying that- one cannot prove to another that god doesn’t exist, yet one can prove this to themself quite simply- stop the belief in a god, and see if there remain any evidence that there is one, that actually exists, within this world in a capacity to actually have an effect in this world. Because we are in a physical world, if you have no physical presence here, than you do not exist, in the physical world, and are totally irrelevant here. If you are totally irrelevant here than you obviously must not be god, in any sense of the word.

Hawking makes the point here that ‘science makes god unnecessary’- now this is an interesting comment which ties into the point that since god is not here in the physical, then he is irrelevant, and, in fact, as Stephen points out, “The laws of physics can explain the universe without a need for a creator.”- this world is indeed a system which follows and moves according to specific laws of nature or physics. Indeed, existence and how it operates has been largely regulated to an automated system. Apparently god is lazy.

But, in fact, there are creators present in this world, whose do have a very real effect on the world and how it exists, and in fact are creating this world as ho it is in each and every single moment- but, we don’t call them gods, we call them people. And this brings us to the ultimate point or reason for the belief or following of a god, and that is- to avoid at all costs the realization of ourselves as the real gods of this existence, who are creating it in each and every moment. Indeed, ‘god’ is lazy.

So here is where Science falls short, in that it observes existence and the laws that govern it and calculates and quantifies these laws of physics, as if looking at existence as a giant pinball machine, yet- it fails to consider the players of the game, that the game, while it has a lot of seemingly independent moving parts, do not play itself.

Science still fails to answer those big questions like “Who are we?” and “Why are we here’? And perhaps that is why so many have filled the gap with religion, because they haven’t yet realized that they are the answer to those questions- that it is up to us to decide “Who we’ll be” and “What we’re going to do here”.

When Hawking was asked, “Why do so many human beings seem to need a god?”, he answered, “People want to think there is something they can relate to and which can make them feel they are not isolated but are part of the larger whole.”

We can see this is true for so many groups or clubs, they exist mainly so the members can have an excuse to come together and then feel that they have relevance in this world, that they have meaning, and that they are appreciated. And once again, here is a case of where the human tries to solve a problem by adding to it, instead of getting to the root cause of the problem in the first place. So the question to ask is- Why does the person feel isolated in the first place? Why do they feel they are not part of the larger whole? How is it that this has come to be in the first place?
How is it that despite the fact that we’re all here, together, we are so apparently separated and alone?

What is it that separates us?

It’s thoughts, beliefs, belief systems, opinions, judgments and our participation in these that keep us separated, and in fact they’re designed for that very reason- to encourage us to divide, because once divided, we can be conquered.
Because, in fact we are a part of the larger whole already, it’s not necessary to join any club to do so, we are part of the whole simply by virtue of being born on this planet- however- we’ve become so separated by our participation in the very things we hope to give us a sense of belonging.

We’ve learned to judge and separate from each other in fear- and this is largely due to the current money system we live in, where not all are equally supported, and thus some must make a living in any way they can- so we live in a constant fear and distrust of each other- because we live in a system in which we are literally pitted-against one another- How can we trust each other in such a situation? Of course we are not going to feel connected when we must be out for ourselves.
Thus, the solution to this loneliness- is not by further removing yourself from your world by believing in or devoting your life to that which doesn’t even exist in this reality- but rather to stop the separation within yourself, and to support a new monetary system, within which all will be supported- so that we can then actually be able to live here together without separating from each other in fear and judgment.

Finally, when Hawking was asked, “When will the human race meet it’s end? Are we destined to fail?”, Hawking replied, “Life in the universe will cease to be possible when the universe becomes cold, dark and empty in about 15 billion years. But the real danger is that the human race will destroy itself on a much shorter time-scale. To have the chance of long-term survival, we will have to spread out into space.”

True that the human race is quite busy destroying itself, but spreading out into space is no solution, as the problem is ourself, and thus no matter where we go we take the problem with us. The only real solution is to change ourselves to stop spiting each other, because we’re actually only spiting ourselves and creating a world that most people are unhappy with, and many are in poverty and starving to death and dying of treatable diseases. We will never be successful spreading out into space until we’ve effectively dealt with ourselves here. Running away from our problems is no solution.

To get support on how to change oneself and stop the patterns of separation so you can become a human being that is relevant in this world and is an effective part of the whole visit Desteni.

Join the Desteni I Process which is a course that’s designed specifically to walk you through the process of self change and self realization in a streamlined way where you will have dedicated assistance throughout the course.

Investigate the new system that will make Heaven on Earth a reality and not just a Fairy Tale- The Equal Money System.


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Who’s in Control – You or Your Genes?

One of the major flaws within how the functioning of the physical human body is looked at, is it’s often viewed from a perspective of trying to ‘figure out’ how the physical is responsible for our behavior. Like, trying to determine a gene that is responsible for alcoholism- which would imply that the individual has little or no choice within whether they will be alcoholic or not.


Now, if it is so, that a gene determines a certain behavior, then there is really no point in investigating it, since nothing useful or valuable to the individual could come from that knowledge- except however, if you are in the business of developing drugs or medical procedures which could influence or change genes.

Thus the concept of certain genes being responsible for certain behaviors is then supported and spread by those who stand to make a profit from people believing that they can simply buy a drug or a special treatment, and voila! their behavior is changed.


What this would imply, however, is that as an individual, you have no actual self control, self will, self direction to be able to actually change yourself, that you are a total slave to the genetic programming within your cells. And, not only do you not have any ability to change yourself, but others would, through the use. of various methods like drugs.

In fact, this is already being done, there are people taking drugs, and ever increasingly so, in order to change themselves, to cope with various ‘disorders’ or ‘syndromes’ they have been diagnosed with. It is, however, not a solution, bcause these people are taking these drugs simply to cope with the problem, it does not cure the problem, and thus they may very well have to take these drugs for the rest of their life, and in many cases individuals become adicted to the drugs, as the body has formed a dependency on the coping mechanism, making it very difficult and manifesting sometimes seriously harmful withdrawl effects when one tries to stop.


And yet, very little, if anything is being done to find ways to assist an individual to change themself, so that they must rely on drugs and treatments which cost money, and thus some people are able to make a profit off this. Yes, it’s quite disturbing that people would actually be willing to make a profit off of people’s apparent inability to change themself, and instead of supporting the human are actually poisoning the human and leeching money out of them like a vampire.


What is needed is to work on and develop ways in which the individual can assist and support themself to actually solve and cure their problems, so that they are not merely ‘slaves’ to their genes, or become dependent on drugs to be able to have stability- This work is already being done at Desteni, where extensive researching and testing is being done, to determine effective ways that the human can actually direct themself and correct themself, without needing anything separate from themself.


Come visit the Desteni website to see what’s been done so far, and see how you can start using and applying the simple and effective tools of self-honesty and self-forgiveness to start actually changing your behavior in a way that’s supporting you to be a human being that is free from limitations, free from stress, depression, mental disorders- many have already had extensive success within their own processes of self-realization, that they never thought was even possible. You can enroll in the Desteni I Process which is a course specifically designed to streamline one’s process as effectively as possible, so you can get to a point of stability and satisfaction as soon as possible. Check out the Desteni I Process here.

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