You Are Here, Now Act Like It – The Truth About the ‘Middle of the Road’

Those who walk the so-called ‘middle road’- attempting to avoid two sides of a polarity- actually accepts both sides, and then feel superior for ‘not participating’- but they have not done anything to solve the problem, in fact the opposite- they are allowing it to continue, they’re not stepping up and facing the problem and walking thru it, in essence they’re saying -don’t solve the problem, just walk away- and that is cowardice, negligence, ignorance to believe that if you ignore it it will go away.

You haven’t done or accomplished anything, but you’re sitting on the fence, just sitting on your ass- there’s nothing brave or honorable in that, you’ve sold out and are pretending you’re not responsible for what’s here- but you are because you’re here and you’re participating in this reality, even if your paticipation consists of just sitting on your ass, that is your participation, that is your contribution, because you are here, your existence is being supported, and what are you doing with it?


Are you going to just sit on your ass, or are you going to take responsibility and wipe your own ass- clean up the mess we’ve created here, so we can live in a world that’s actually worth living in- a world of responsible beings who create a world that’s best for all, rather than a world of fence-sitters who allow the world to go to shit as a result of what they are accepting and allowing by acting as if you can be here and somehow not participate, somehow not effect this world with your presence- it is not so- you are Here- now Act like it.


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