No More Chemtrails & HAARP in an Equal Money System

There’s a lot of different theories going around as to what the purpose of ‘chemtrails’ are and whether or not they’re harmful and cause deleterious effects on humans and the environment. Some say it’s to stop global warming, some say it’s to cause it, and some say it’s for government mind control. The same basically goes for the case with the HAARP program as well- many different ideas as to what their agenda is and what kind of manipulations they’re doing to the ionosphere and the weather patterns of nature.

How is it that we’ve come to this point where we don’t really know what exactly is going on- how are these things not ‘out in the open’ for all to see and understand what’s being done and you can’t just get a straight answer? Why do we fear that corporations and organizations might do things that are harmful to people and the planet? Because we are already allowing it through and within our current economic system- so we’ve come to expect abuse and to accept it when it occurs, and thus we always fear that abuse may be done to us. We haven’t yet established an effective system that would ensure that no abuse could actually take place.

This is why within an Equal Money System there won’t be such mystery surrounding the actions of our businesses and organizations- because we’ll have transparency of everything that’s done so that everything can be evaluated to ensure that it is not harmful to life but is in fact what’s best for all life- once this system is established, conspiracy theories will be a thing of the past- secretive experiments that cause harm to humanity, nature and the environment, will not happen, as there will be no benefit to do so, as there is today. For within the current capitalist system, which is based on accumulating profits, we have placed profit gain as the priority and not life itself- and this is why life pay the price, and we get sicker and the quality of our life declines as the environment is more and more abused for the sake of profit.

Only in the current system can one benefit from abusing others or from being secretive about one’s operations. Because this current system doesn’t care for life- you must make profits if you want to enjoy the best quality of life, and this means compromising nature and your fellow man to do so, as this is how the current system is designed- it hasn’t been designed to be sustainable and to support doing that which is best for all life.

The Equal Money System is the complete opposite wherein we’ll put everything on the table and nothing will be hidden or secretive in order to gain an advantage over another or in order to manipulate. It will be much more difficult to keep things hidden or to keep people unaware of what’s really going on, because all will have access to the best education possible- and thus most will have a better understanding of the earth’s process and thus will be able to better detect whether something being done is causing harm or not.

Thus in an Equal Money System we’ll do things not from a starting point of making profits in competition with one another and the very environment which we require to live, but we’ll do things in cooperation from the starting point of what’s best for all life, which means what’s best for the environment, what’s best for humans, what’s best for the animals, the plants, etc- all things considered and nothing left out- because that’s obviously the way to have a life where all have the best quality life possible. Thus we’d no longer have to worry and wonder about chemtrails & HAARP and what harm is possibly being done- it won’t be allowed in an Equal Money System- all decisions will be made democratically and in the open and with oversight and no abuse for profits will be allowed, thus no conspiracies will exist and we can live in a dignified way as the custodians of this earth that is our home.


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