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“The Cove” Dolphin Slaughter: Why It Happens & How to End It

I just watched a documentary called “The Cove” which is about dolphin slaughtering that is going on in a town called Taiji in Japan. The people who took the footage for this film had to put themselves in risky situations, risking being arrested where you can be held with no charges for up to 28 days or perhaps even worse, to even be able to show what is really going on there and expose the brutality of the slaughter that takes place there every September, when the dolphins begin to migrate through the area, and they start their procedure of rounding them up.

What does it say about humanity when such great lengths and personal risks have to be taken just to get this activity documented- how is it that we’re not instantly made aware of such things as they’re going on. Why is it when we have easy instant access to so many’s awareness through television for example, or the internet, why are such things not being brought into our attention?

This indicate a problem with our systems of communication where we’re not effectively and accurately communicating what’s actually going on in the world so that we can effectively deal with and stop such extreme situations of abuse.

If you have this kind of communication malfunction in a single human body, for example, if your neurons weren’t correctly transmitting data from your brain to your lags- you wouldn’t be able to walk and this would be quite a problem and one would seek surgery or some remedy to be able to get back to functioning capacity. This is exactly what we should do as humanity in its entirety, as humanity functions as one entire body or being as well, and currently this ‘body’ is quite ill, as half the population is in poverty conditions and many are starving and sick with treatable diseases.

This is why life is such a toil for the majority of the entire population, because we’re not all supported to be at optimum functioning and massive amounts of the population are not able to get an education or skills but can only spend their days looking for food and water just to ‘scrape by’ another day. Massive amounts of aid are given to some of the people who aren’t supported by the current system, rather than simply supporting them in the first place to be able to thrive and function effectively within a supportive system, but rather supporting them to remain dependents forever, and while not being able to provide aid at all to most of those in need.

This is why such extreme abuse is taking place, such as these dolphin slaughters in Taiji- because we’re allowing our system to be one that doesn’t support so many, that they are driven to find whatever means necessary to make some money to survive. It’s not just dolphin slaughter in Taiji that’s taking place- abuse is happening rampantly all over the world, for this very exact reason- human beings looking for any way they can to make some money so they can have the best possible quality of life, because we don’t already have it. It’s not guaranteed by our system, and for many who are born in the worst places, they will never have a dignified quality of life, but will have a life of suffering as they’re not able to provide their physical with even it’s most basic needs.

These disgusting dolphin slaughters are part of the abuse that happens because of our acceptance of the system as it is- what is required is to stand up and correct the system by changing it to a system which actually supports life, rather than abuse it. And if we don’t do this, if we don’t get started on this soon as it’s going to take some time, the consequences will be catastrophic. We’re creating an unlivable habitat on the earth at a fast pace, and have been doing so for many years now- there’s not much time left to turn this around before life on earth becomes a literal hell, for everyone, and not just for some as it is now.

To just say ‘Stop the dolphin slaughters’ is not going to do anything to stop abuse once and for all. It’s happening to the dolphins now, it will be happening to someone else if that stops, and indeed it is already happening worldwide to all life- be it human, plant, animal, mineral, elemental- nothing has escaped being abused. And until this system change- the abuse cannot end.

Our ecosystem we require to be of certain composition for us to be able to live effectively- it’s a system of balance wherein all the animals and plants and such all work together to maintain the balance of the ecosystem- we are crudely ripping this to shreds without any consideration for the consequences until we’re already experiencing them- crop failures and famines and droughts and extreme weather due to disrupting the balance of wildlife and nature’s systems so carelessly. We are creating such unnecessary struggle and suffering to where we can’t even enjoy life here and we’ll hope that maybe in some afterlife things will be better. But this is ridiculous, as we can change what’s here so that life here can be really be actually enjoyed by all.

Some of us have already begun this work of changing the system and creating one which support life, which is called the Equal Money System. Investigate to find out more about humanity’s chance at a life worth living for all, where we can live without destroying each other and the earth we live on, no longer living only trying to survive one moment to the next without actually ever getting to slow down and really live. This is the destiny of Mankind, if he is to have one at all.

I suggest to watch “The Cove” if you can, to get a stark picture of the extremity of the abuse that is actually going on in this world in this current system we’re accepting and allowing- so you can see what can be stopped by standing up and creating a new system in which all will be supported and none will need to be exploited.


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