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Equal Money FAQ – Will we figure out the other 90% of the brain that is said we do not tap into in an Equal Money System?

Well, the idea that we use only 10% of our brains is a myth that has been perpetuated for the sake of implying that there is some sort of unused potential within the human brain or mind that we don’t currently utilize. This has been used for example by psychics who imply that the ‘unused’ portions of our brains would contain psychic or other mystical powers. Scanning of brain activity in the brain, which is electrical activity, shows that much of the brain is indeed utilized, though not all at once- because the brain is compartmentalized and different parts are ‘in charge of’ certain functions.

Accidents have shown that brain damage to any parts of the brain can impair one’s ability to function, which implies that most of the brain is indeed used. Some theorize that this claim came about because we don’t use the entirety of our brain all at once, but the brain has assigned different parts to oversee specific functions, so such a claim makes no sense.

In an Equal Money System, we won’t have incorrect claims being passed around as valid. There simply will be no reason to, as currently the manipulation of information and of people’s understanding of how existence functions is done for the sake of self-interest at the expense of another, and this won’t be accepted in and Equal Money System. This is not the kind of thing we’ll allow, as we see what kind of a world it leads to- one where misunderstanding and abuse are rampant.

Our Science has been notorious for this, holding onto information that is incorrect for various reasons, at the expense of the greater good. It’s no secret how current scientists will hold onto their beliefs in the face of something that challenges it. The main reason for this being job security. As a scientist you get funded to work and research in a particular area of science and if that area of science is found to be false, there goes your funding and your job. In an Equal Money System ‘job security’ will be irrelevant, because you’ll already have ‘life security’- your needs for your survival will be guaranteed for life, as it should be- thus you’d never find yourself faced with the choice of having to go against common sense, of having to spite life and be dishonest, in fear of losing your ‘financial security’. In this current system most of us have had to compromise ourselves and maybe others for the sake of financial security in order to survive and try to have a dignified life.

In an Equal Money System, we’ll be able to ensure everyone has access to education as well, and also that that education is actually effective and correct. Thus everyone will be able to keep up to date with scientific discoveries so that everyone can have an equal understanding of how this world operates, in order to best function within it. No longer will information be hoarded as it is now, and many do not even have access to even the most basic education.


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Access to Information Changes Everything- Equal Money System gives Equal Access to All

During a recent visit with my mom, I saw some cool examples of the effects of having access to information can have on one’s perception/understanding of the world and what’s here. I had brought my American Government textbook with me, as I had some reading homework I needed to do, specifically on a chapter about Political Parties, our Two Party System, and the History of Political Parties in the U.S.

I was kneading some dough to make pretzels as I’d decided to do some baking while I was there, as at my own home there is not a working oven, so I was going to suggest she read aloud from the book. The book was sitting on the table, and before I’d said anything about it, she went right to it and sat down and opened it up and started reading, so I, teasingly, said- “Ehem, I can’t quite hear what you’re reading”. So then she began to read out-loud, which I mentioned was cool to get practice in voicing oneself.

She has not really been one to get particularly involved in politics, but probably has considered herself a Democrat, and she’s Canadian, though she has gotten U.S. Citizenship recently. However her husband considers himself Republican and has been more involved, well actually, I guess it’s not so much ‘involvement’ as in actually doing things or taking action to support the party, but rather being active in having opinions and discussing with others and watching the news and caring about the issues of that specific party. For the most part, I think they just try to avoid talking politics with each other and just tolerate that point, so it’s a kind of suppressed point between them.

My mom has also had jobs which keep her fairly exposed to other members of the community where she lives, and where people tend to know each other and be very gossipy about each other, such as working at the local grocery store and working in a retirement home. As a result, she has been faced with public opinions and has had some ‘clashes’ with those who define themselves as Republicans, and live out that pre-designed program of specifically designed opinions and beliefs.

So, with that bit of background explained- As she was reading about the history of the parties, she was quite fascinated to find that there have been times where there was only one party in existence, or that there was once a party called the Democratic-Republicans, and she rushed off with the book to go read this to her husband and share with him. Which was really cool to see this curiosity and eagerness to learn and share. It just shows what happens when one has the access, because the $100 textbook was sitting right there, the only reason it was there is because I bought it, and I would not have known about this book if I hadn’t been ‘introduced’ to it through the college course I’m taking and needed it for- and I wouldn’t have access to go to college if it wasn’t for the ‘decent-paying’ job I have combined with government financial aid that allows me to just be able to afford it, a couple classes at a time.

Imagine what life would be like in an Equal Money System, where all would have access to Information and Education, where Information is no longer withheld for the sake of profit, keeping others suffering in ignorance, just to make a buck off the ones that can manage to pay. What kind of a fucked up world are we accepting and allowing? It’s time to stop treating ourselves like slaves who have no value, who can only get value through toiling and struggling, and stand up for a system which will support us. Equal Money System = Equal Education for All

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I Horded Books Out Of Fear

I was watching a vlog by Lindsay, where she was discussing a point about being enslaved to books, and how at times in her life she’d amassed substantial collections of books and also how in some movies/shows people will have books in the background, in order to ‘impulse’ that they are ‘knowledgeable’ or ‘trustworthy’. And I have faced similar points in my life as well, wherein I liked to have certain books on my shelf to try to project that I am intelligent, or thoughtful, and other points as well depending on the book, like for example, a book about witchcraft to give an air of mystery or something, lol.
I also realized another point while listening to her vlog, which was that I found a kind of comfort in having a collection of books, it was a comfort in ‘knowing’ that I have access to knowledge. Because in this world, not everyone has that access. We have quite inequal access of information, when you look at the various levels of education around the world, and how some people have quite shitty lives because they lack education which they can apply to make things easier. Not to mention that where there is lack of education there is most likely lack of basic necessities, and thus the people are too busy trying to get their basic needs to simply survive in the physical reality, that they aren’t able to work on the point of education.
It is no secret what a difference an education can make, what a difference having access to relevant knowledge and information can have. For example, I am now 30 years old, the internet did not exist when I came into this world, I remember playing with the internet when I was about hm 12? 13? and it was quite limited. And in the years after that, it was usually a lucky shot if I was to get any search results for what it was I was looking for and I’d give up in frustration, only to then try again a few years later and suddenly there is many results, and it has been growing like that ever since. I am not going to go into just how extensively the internet has changed my life, by having this practically instantaneous access to knowledge and information, but it is tremendous when you consider that anything little thing that I have a question about, I can just put it into google, and likely get something. (Although the internet can be about a billion times better in an Equal Money System, where there is not the influence of profit limiting and distorting what is on the internet and how we’re able to use it.)
So in much the same way that on a large scale, our fear of loss, our fear of ‘scarcity’ leads us to hording, I horded books, from a starting point of trying to protect myself from the fear of scarcity of access to information. Fascinating.
Access to internet has such a profound effect on one’s life, that Everyone should have access to it. And better if we have a system which is not limited by profit so that information can truly be shared and tested to ensure that the information stands as what’s best for all life, and not what’s best for some’s profit, as that leads to a lot of abuse in this world.

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