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I’m a Destonian


I am a Destonian- Why am I a Destonian and firstly, What does that mean? It means that I walk with and as a group called Desteni. What is Desteni? Desteni is human beings coming together to work toward real change in this world by changing ourselves- because we’ve realized that this world is but a reflection of who we are as individuals, collectively.

Thus it’s by each one of us changing our accepted natures- no longer accepting and allowing a nature that is abusive – that we change the world and no longer create a world of abuse and thus we are standing up and correcting ourselves and our nature to that which considers what is best for all, in all ways- so that through this process of self change- the world change, one and equal, to longer be full of abuse, but will actually become a ‘heaven on earth’, so to speak, where all can live a life free of abuse- as it should be- as each would like for themselves.

Thus Desteni is humanity’s stand to self correct our accepted nature which has allways been one of accepting and allowing abuse- to no longer accept and allow abuse within ourselves, to no longer manifest abuse in this world- and this is why I stand and walk with and as Desteni- where as a group we stand together, walk together, and support each other as each walk our individual process of changing ourselves, changing our nature- to that which will manifest and create a world in which all life is free to thrive and live to the fullest- a world in which none suffer- because that is the kind of world I would like to live in- if you agree, join us.

Join us at Desteni, and become part of the new Destiny of Man- as we rebirth ourselves into beings that can stand the test of time and can live in all ways as what’s best for all, and end suffering and abuse once and for all. Join us at Desteni and become part of the Solution.


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Why Do You Laugh? Some Points to Ponder..

I was cruising the Desteni forum, and I came across this post which is really cool and I wanted to share. (Link to original post on the forum here, scroll down):

“Perspective on: Laughter


Did you laugh because you realised the ridiculousness of accepting and allowing such beliefs/perceptions of self influencing oneself?

Did you laugh as a protection/resistance mechanism used to not apply forgiveness?

Did you laugh because you realized that the exact same belief/perceptions of self exist within you?

Did you laugh as ‘hidden judgment’ of the forgiveness words – ‘thinking’ it not necessary to apply forgiveness?

Did you laugh through fear of facing you in application of forgiveness – therefore laugh in fear instead of applying forgiveness immediately.

Where did the laughter originate from?

How did you experience the laughter?

Did you experience the laughter as the entirety of you or from a ‘source’ within you?

What is laughter?

Where does laughter originate from?

Why do we laugh?

Is laughter an expression of me?

Is laughter a method used by the mind to hide instead of facing me?

Do I use laughter or is it an expression of me?
See – all experiences of self must be looked at with absolute self honesty – thus assisting and supporting self in making sure in every moment: I am self honest with me as me.



These are some really assisting questions to ask oneself in a moment when you laugh, to assist you to see why you are laughing, and are you laughing as a ‘natural’ expression of yourself, so to speak- or are you laughing as a form of mind-possession reaction to something, like as a way to avoid seeing or doing something and thus using laughter to support self limitation.

Laughter / laughing is a great way also to help one to let go of built-up stress, and to help ‘shake’ yourself out of a stressful moment. When you notice you’re all tensed-up and anxious, just stop, and laugh.

And if the thought comes up of- “But how do I just laugh? I can’t just laugh for no reason..”

Then you definitely want to laugh! – you just MAKE yourself do it, even if it’s awkward at first- that’s no problem- that is just because you’ve just never laughed without a reason before.

So, the next time you find yourself feeling like things are ‘getting to be too much’, take a moment for yourself, and laugh. No, it won’t solve your problems- but it will help release the built-up tension and anxiety- and THAT WILL help you to deal with whatever you are facing.

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I Need a Young Man Around to Keep Me ‘Straight’?

Yesterday at work, I noticed an interesting pattern in me, that I found quite funny, to see play out, wherein there was a guy at my work who is near my age, whereas usually it’s just much older males that I am around all day, so what I noticed was upon entering my place of work and becoming aware of the presence of this ‘younger’ male who is more near my age, I stood up much straighter and was much more aware of myself and my body and my posture and how I was holding myself and moving myself, it was quite entertaining to see this ‘instantaneous’ change, in fact I am laughing just remembering it, and also what I noticed is that it ‘felt really good’, but not in terms of an ‘energetic’ feeling, but simply that of the physical wherein, I was holding myself in much better posture and I immediately felt much more comfortable in my body- which made me realize that I’d actually been feeling uncomfortable before this ‘change’.

So this was a really cool point to have come up, and I see how I can actually use this point ‘for a moment’ to ‘jog myself’ into awareness of myself here in and as the physical until the awareness is lived in fact, wherein I can ‘tell myself’ there is a ‘young guy around’ to remind me of this point to consider my posture and how I am holding myself and moving myself, from the perspective of using it as a ‘point of reference’ to support myself to see and get some perspective on what is my participation in and as the physical in that moment.

How funny to have separated myself from this point, to see now how without the presence of the similar age male it’s as if I lack a point of motivation to be aware of and considering myself as the physical. I’m grateful this point came up as I can see now how I can apply what I’ve realized and live as that motivation myself, and really to see what I was doing which I hadn’t even noticed until this moment. It shows me that I have not yet stood stable in every moment as myself here as breath as the physical one and equal with my body and every part of it in awareness of it as myself, fully, present, here.

In that moment where I instantly had gone into this ‘better’ posture and realized the implication of this reaction, I realized ironically it’s like, ‘gee, I just need to have a guy my age around all the time, and I will always have great posture! and feel great!’ hahaha. Even just before I started to write this blog, I applied this realization, wherein I asked myself, how would you be sitting just now, if there was a guy around, and I instantly realized I was slouching, rather uncomfortably! and this point really assisted me to see this so I could then correct it, it’s so cool. So I see I can utilize this point of ‘telling myself’ there’s a young guy around as long as I need to ‘jog this point’, until it becomes no longer relevant and I simply am sitting/standing/moving in awareness and comfortability as a living expression of who I am in each and every moment.

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