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Derren Brown Fear & Faith (Part 1): What Does the Placebo Show about Human Psychology?

I watched the Derren Brown show called ‘Fear & Faith‘, and in this blog post I’m going to discuss Part 1, which focuses on Fear, in which he had people unknowingly take placebo pills that they thought would stop ‘fear’, and in some cases others thought they were taking the drug in order to stop other phobias/habits like for example smoking. So these were people with a variety of phobias, like fear of heights or singing in public, and they took the pills and for almost everyone the pills were a success – their fear was gone, sometimes instantly.

This show is really ground-breaking, as it shows in a very clear way, the actual power we have to change how we experience ourselves, and that it is really as simple as no longer participating in, for example, fear. It shows that we can actually stop our fears/reactions in a single moment, that it is in fact possible to stop these fears/phobia/habits, and thus change how we experience ourselves in our day to day lives and in relationship to reality.

And it also shows that a placebo or belief in a pill isn’t required to make the fear reaction stop, as in the show, even after knowing the pill had been a placebo, the people’s fears did not return. It was enough to have had the placebo pills act as a ‘bridge’ in a way, in assisting and supporting these individuals to realize that they actually could live without that fear/phobia.

What this also shows, is that we are the ones actually responsible for our fear in the first place. Since we at any time can actually stop them, so we are really the ones in ‘control’, the only reason we ‘aren’t in control’ is because we’ve believed our fears to be who we are. I mean, this is no surprise when you look at what all takes place within our fears/what our fears consist of. There is multi-dimensions, where if you have a look at what goes on within you when a fear is activated, you’ll have dimensions of Thought, Imagination, Internal conversations, emotion/feeling Reactions, and certain physical Behaviors that manifest, thus it is like an entire ‘personality suit’ containing of all these various dimensions one can experience within it, when it is activated by a situation/event/scenario in one’s environment.

So, let’s take the example of having a fear of heights and you find yourself near a steep drop. You may have Thoughts pop up in your mind of images of you falling over the drop. And then you may start going through various scenes within your Imagination, as you, for example, play out a variety of scenarios of ‘what could happen’ in your mind, where you might imagine yourself falling over the edge and what the fall will be like and how you might land and how you’ll be injured, and there would be varying degrees that one would imagine depending on the extent of one’s participation in this particular fear.

And then there is the internal conversations or ‘backchat’ where we talk to ourself within ourself within certain phrases in our mind, which will vary according to the individual, so you may have phrases like “Oh god, what if I fall down that drop??” / “What if I lose my balance for just a moment and go teetering over the edge?” / “I bet I would be terribly injured if I fell down there” / “I’m so scared, I’ve got to get away from here”.

One will also have various emotion and feeling Reactions, in relation to each dimension, where one will experience particular energy-experiences of positive feelings or negative emotions, like for example, while one is within the Imagination dimension, imagining what could happen if one were to fall over the edge, an positive energy-experience of ‘excitement’ might come up, or perhaps a negative energy-experience of ‘terror’. And for example, while one is participating in the internal conversation of “Oh god, what if I fall down that drop??” one might experience ‘anxiety’.

Then with the thoughts, imagination and internal conversation going on, and the energy-experience reactions that activate in relation to each of those points, one will then experience changes/reactions in the physical internally, and externally in one’s physical behaviors, where for example, you might internally experience a trembling/shaking of the physical body, or a rush of adrenaline, and externally you might notice that you start ‘wringing’ your hands, or you start shuffling your feet away from the edge, or you might feel like your paralyzed and can’t move.

So, within all these various dimensions/experiences, it’s really like the mind has gone to every length to convince one that the experience one is having of, for example, being afraid of heights, is in fact real, and yet, it is really just a sequence of thoughts and energy-experiences taking place within us, that we haven’t realized that we in fact give permission to take place, simply by believing these thoughts and feelings we’re experiencing are actually who we are, and aren’t just simply thoughts and experiences that are taking place only in our mind, and not in actual reality. Yet we’ve come to believe that these experiences are who we are to such a degree and without realizing what is really going on within ourselves, it’s hard to step out of the characters we’ve always existed as, and requires an elaborate set-up as Derren put together in his show, to give a specific circumstance in which one is able to believe that the fear experience can actually stop, in essence so you can give yourself permission to stop accepting and allowing the experiences within yourself.

Thus, this show confirms what I have been applying for myself, within the life-coaching course, the Desteni I Process, that I have been walking for several years now, since its beginning, where you are assisted and supported to see, realize and understand that these reactions/experiences aren’t in fact real and thus canbe stopped, through becoming aware of the various dimensions at play within such patterns of behavior, as for example, in the example used above of fear of heights. Through this course, I’ve have walked a personalized process in identifying my own patterns of behavior that I’ve existed in self-unawareness for most of my life, where I was really just a ‘victim’ so to speak of the experiences that came up within me, because I just automatically accepted them as ‘who I am’ simply because they were there and I was experiencing them, so they ‘must be real’.

Within the Desteni I Process you’re shown the tools with which to walk yourself into an understanding of yourself and the patterns you exist as, so that you can evaluate in self-awareness, what it is you’re living, and how you would really like to be living, to stop for example fears and other patterns of self-limitation, so that we can really be free to live, just like those in the show who can now live without their crippling fears and habits and explore their true potential. The difference is that you get to become aware of yourself, and all the patterns you exist as, and you do this through self-will, and not requiring an elaborate illusion like a placebo experiment, as you’re assisted to see that the experiences are in fact the illusion and you’re the one with the real power to develop self-will and self-direction in your life and how you experience yourself.

Thus, if you haven’t seen this show Fear and Faith, definitely watch it and consider what it’s showing us – that we really do not have to remain limited within detrimental patterns, that fear isn’t actually real because it can be stopped, and suggest to check out the Desteni I Process, especially the new course that’s been launched, DIP Lite, which is a Free course where you get to understand how to work with thoughts, emotions and feelings, and how to direct your reactions, so that you can be the directive principle of yourself, instead of your thoughts, emotions and feelings directing and controlling you and your ability to live in this world.

For more context on the Dimensions of Character/Personalities, read the series of Heaven’s Journey to Life blog posts which deals with this topic in detail, which starts with this introduction post: Character Dimensions – Introduction: DAY 162. And you can check out the Journey to Life group on Facebook where you’ll find hundreds of blogs of those who are busy deconstructing their patterns of self limitation and sharing the process so all may benefit.

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Why Do You Laugh? Some Points to Ponder..

I was cruising the Desteni forum, and I came across this post which is really cool and I wanted to share. (Link to original post on the forum here, scroll down):

“Perspective on: Laughter


Did you laugh because you realised the ridiculousness of accepting and allowing such beliefs/perceptions of self influencing oneself?

Did you laugh as a protection/resistance mechanism used to not apply forgiveness?

Did you laugh because you realized that the exact same belief/perceptions of self exist within you?

Did you laugh as ‘hidden judgment’ of the forgiveness words – ‘thinking’ it not necessary to apply forgiveness?

Did you laugh through fear of facing you in application of forgiveness – therefore laugh in fear instead of applying forgiveness immediately.

Where did the laughter originate from?

How did you experience the laughter?

Did you experience the laughter as the entirety of you or from a ‘source’ within you?

What is laughter?

Where does laughter originate from?

Why do we laugh?

Is laughter an expression of me?

Is laughter a method used by the mind to hide instead of facing me?

Do I use laughter or is it an expression of me?
See – all experiences of self must be looked at with absolute self honesty – thus assisting and supporting self in making sure in every moment: I am self honest with me as me.



These are some really assisting questions to ask oneself in a moment when you laugh, to assist you to see why you are laughing, and are you laughing as a ‘natural’ expression of yourself, so to speak- or are you laughing as a form of mind-possession reaction to something, like as a way to avoid seeing or doing something and thus using laughter to support self limitation.

Laughter / laughing is a great way also to help one to let go of built-up stress, and to help ‘shake’ yourself out of a stressful moment. When you notice you’re all tensed-up and anxious, just stop, and laugh.

And if the thought comes up of- “But how do I just laugh? I can’t just laugh for no reason..”

Then you definitely want to laugh! – you just MAKE yourself do it, even if it’s awkward at first- that’s no problem- that is just because you’ve just never laughed without a reason before.

So, the next time you find yourself feeling like things are ‘getting to be too much’, take a moment for yourself, and laugh. No, it won’t solve your problems- but it will help release the built-up tension and anxiety- and THAT WILL help you to deal with whatever you are facing.

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What is Possible When the Human Stops Living as a Routine?

It’s fascinating how our expression has come to be such that it’s always preprogrammed, preplanned, scripted, practiced and repeated over and over again: ‘routines’. It’s not done from a point of developing self’s ability to move from/within/as the moment, but rather self moves self in the moment in a predesigned pattern, over and over until such pattern becomes programmed in into the physical, and one can simply perform this pattern from ‘muscle memory’.
You see this in everything- we live this in everything we do- it is literally how we exist at such a fundamental level- it’s quite fascinating, and yet, it is so limited.
All this effort and time put into learning a routine, and then, you are really effective at doing that routine, that’s it. Rather than developing the ability to move in the moment, one simply develops the ability to repeat predesigned preprogrammed routines, which is what we call: a robot.

We do this out of the belief that if we don’t, we will not be able to get as good results. We do this because we fear if it is not absolutely preprogrammed, there could be ‘mistakes’ and ‘failures’, so we try to plan to ‘avoid’ these things- with the result that we are only able to move in a preprogrammed manner. The result is that we don’t actually solve the apparent ‘problem’ of ‘making a mistake’- we try to ‘avoid’ the problem- and if you have a look- that is obviously not ever the way to solve a problem.

Therefore- the ‘problem’ has remained- despite preplanning, extensive practicing and repetition, there is still ‘mistakes’ and ‘failures’, which are then ‘exaggerated’, due to the suppression of the point, rather than dealing with it and facing it head on. Like, people will react with such ‘surprise’ and ‘shock’ for example, when a ‘performer’ has made a mistake, because ‘that was not supposed to happen’ because that is exactly what all the relentless practicing and practicing, in the form of repetition is intended to prevent!

However, if we face this point, instead of trying to avoid it, which is impossible- if we stop ‘relying’ on preprogrammed predesigned routines, and start building self-trust to act in the moment, here, unplanned- the more one do that you will accumulate the point of being able to move from/within/as the moment here, not needing any preprogrammed routine, rather than accumulating this point of simply being a robot who must have a preprogrammed plan to execute.

You can begin to imagine what could be possible, if we apply this point, if we trust ourselves to let go of this believed need to act only within and as routines, and start developing self trust to be here as life unscripted in the moment- to no longer simply be robots incapable of actually living. Have a look, you can apply this point to literally everything, as who/what/how we currently exist. Quite fascinating.

I suggest get busy developing and accumulating the ability to be here in the moment, as self trust, to be able to express yourself here as who and what you really are, so that you can be here, actually, and be Real, and not just be an ‘act’, a ‘routine’, a predesigned, preprogammed ‘robot’ only repeating itself, like a sad broken record.

The Desteni I Process is a life-couching course, created for this purpose, to assist in the process of de-programming oneself as a robot, and re-creating oneself as life here, to assist self in developing the self trust and accumulating the ability to express oneself freely as who one really is, here, in the moment, free from limitations. Give yourself the most meaningful gift possible and get started with your Desteni I Process today.

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I Horded Books Out Of Fear

I was watching a vlog by Lindsay, where she was discussing a point about being enslaved to books, and how at times in her life she’d amassed substantial collections of books and also how in some movies/shows people will have books in the background, in order to ‘impulse’ that they are ‘knowledgeable’ or ‘trustworthy’. And I have faced similar points in my life as well, wherein I liked to have certain books on my shelf to try to project that I am intelligent, or thoughtful, and other points as well depending on the book, like for example, a book about witchcraft to give an air of mystery or something, lol.
I also realized another point while listening to her vlog, which was that I found a kind of comfort in having a collection of books, it was a comfort in ‘knowing’ that I have access to knowledge. Because in this world, not everyone has that access. We have quite inequal access of information, when you look at the various levels of education around the world, and how some people have quite shitty lives because they lack education which they can apply to make things easier. Not to mention that where there is lack of education there is most likely lack of basic necessities, and thus the people are too busy trying to get their basic needs to simply survive in the physical reality, that they aren’t able to work on the point of education.
It is no secret what a difference an education can make, what a difference having access to relevant knowledge and information can have. For example, I am now 30 years old, the internet did not exist when I came into this world, I remember playing with the internet when I was about hm 12? 13? and it was quite limited. And in the years after that, it was usually a lucky shot if I was to get any search results for what it was I was looking for and I’d give up in frustration, only to then try again a few years later and suddenly there is many results, and it has been growing like that ever since. I am not going to go into just how extensively the internet has changed my life, by having this practically instantaneous access to knowledge and information, but it is tremendous when you consider that anything little thing that I have a question about, I can just put it into google, and likely get something. (Although the internet can be about a billion times better in an Equal Money System, where there is not the influence of profit limiting and distorting what is on the internet and how we’re able to use it.)
So in much the same way that on a large scale, our fear of loss, our fear of ‘scarcity’ leads us to hording, I horded books, from a starting point of trying to protect myself from the fear of scarcity of access to information. Fascinating.
Access to internet has such a profound effect on one’s life, that Everyone should have access to it. And better if we have a system which is not limited by profit so that information can truly be shared and tested to ensure that the information stands as what’s best for all life, and not what’s best for some’s profit, as that leads to a lot of abuse in this world.

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You Create that which You Fear- Stop it

It’s quite a shock sometimes the extent to which people can be in denial of what’s really going on in this world, of the kinds of lives that people are living, lives that no one would ‘choose’ for themself, if they have the choice.

Some do have the choice- some have the money to buy a decent life. Many do not. What shocks me, is the extent to which some will utterly refuse to see this point of how many people literally do not have a choice to do anything about their situation- Obviously, this ignorance is deliberately used in order that they can justify not doing anything about the situation- they think, whether on a conscious level or subconscious, that if they can just pretend that they are in no way responsible, then they won’t have to do anything, nothing will have to change, and their reality can stay exactly as it is- You see, what this shows is that they are, In Fact, aware of the actual situation, by the very act of them trying to protect their reality- they EXPOSE that they DO KNOW what is going on, because they FEAR IT HAPPENING TO THEM! In their Fear, they try to Manipulate so they don’t have to face an existence anything like those that’s on the “Less” side of the Polarity, they Manipulate so that they can maintain their own Private Heaven, in Separation from everyone else. It is this very point of our current Accepted Nature, which Causes and Supports the Abuse in this World.

It is this very Mindset- this pattern of Fear and Manipulation for Self-Interest in Spite of the Whole, which is causing the Suffering n this World- Suffering which, In Fact, doesn’t need to exist. Thus, what you essentially have here, is people literally Hiding from their Own Shadow- they are Fearing that which they Create and Creating that which they Fear- an Infinite Never-Ending Cycle to No-Where.

Thus Stop being Enslaved in the Limitation of Fears, which you are the Cause of Anyway. Have some GUTS- Investigate Real Solutions for the Problems in this World- Be a Real Human Being Here, not just a Robot Enslaved to Fear clutching Desperately to your little Heaven, which you Will Inevitably Lose. Get Busy making a Heaven that will Stand the Test of Time- then you will Never have to Fear Again. It’s So Simple- Have you GOT IT Yet??

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