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Children Burned Beyond Recognition – If Humanity Was Humane What Would We Do?

0About a week ago I was listening to a news report on the radio which was covering the events taking place in Gaza while drone attacks were being carried out, when something really struck me. The correspondent who was at a hospital in Gaza was asked to describe what he was seeing, and he reported that there were lots and lots of children coming in with severe injuries. He said weapons were being used that burned the victims to a point beyond recognition. He said pieces of body and brains were being picked up from around the area.

At this moment, I noticed just how odd it is, that I’m driving along in my car listening to these events taking place, and for me nothing changes. And I know, there is nothing I can practically physically do in this moment to stop this from happening or really do anything about it directly. There’s no team of people set up to go and immediately deal with such a situation. And it really struck me – why not? Somewhere people’s brains are being smashed out of their heads and people are actually picking up the pieces of others’ brains. Children are being burned beyond recognition. I mean, this is so obviously fucked-up, no one would disagree with that, that this sort of thing falls within the realm of utter insanity that beings would do this unto themselves, and allow this to take place. It’s common sense that even a child can see, that this sort of thing just shouldn’t be taking place, and shouldn’t be allowed to take place.

It was really so bizarre to have access to this information of what is going on in the world, to be able to hear about it, and, well, that’s it. Why is it that when this kind of thing happens it doesn’t go more like:

News person: Hey John, can you tell me what’s happening where you are?

Field correspondent: Sure, I’m at a hospital in Gaza and people are picking up pieces of brains. And lots of children are being burned beyond recognition.

News person: Oh Shit! Children being burned and people’s brains being blown out?? That’s totally fucked-up! We’ll be right over to take care of that.

And then the situation is put to an end, because we humans realize the obvious common sense that this sort of thing should not be taking place.

We have every capability to do this. The United States has, basically since Industrialization, gone to other countries, invaded them and taken out their leaders and installed their own chosen leaders. The only problem was the leaders they took out were those that actually would have and were helping the people of that country, and instead put in leaders that would take advantage of the people of their country, so that the U.S. could buy their resources and use their laborers for very cheap, in total disregard of the people’s well-being, and all for the sake of making the maximum profits, while selling the story back home of how we’re ‘spreading democracy in the world’ and ‘ending atrocities’, when the reality couldn’t be farther from the truth – the deliberate abuse of human life all over the world.

For the details of these crimes against humanity, watch the three-part documentary series The Power Principle:

The Power Principle

This is must-watch series to get a clue on what has been done in the world, to see why it is that so much suffering exists, when obviously there’s no good reason it should.

It really is as simple as changing our starting point from allowing this abuse to take place and accepting it as ‘the way it is’ to no longer accepting and allowing abuse to continue because we realize in common sense that it shouldn’t be happening.

israel_rockets_on_gazaWe’ve created such a mess for ourselves by allowing those who seek profit at the expense of life to do so. Instead of developing effective relationships with one another to work together in cooperation in making this world the best it can be for all life, we’ve cultivated enemies instead, by committing unprovoked harm to others. And those enemies which we created are then used to justify further attacks and invasions. It’s easy to see that this violence won’t ever end, as it’s a never-ending cycle being perpetrated by continuously ensuring we have enemies that we’ve got to ‘protect ourselves against’, because with war comes big profits for those who have war-related businesses. Thus, we’ve got to stop using ‘enemies’ as an excuse to simply keep creating more ‘enemies’ by harming more people. The only way to stop wars is to actually stop wars. There are enough resources for all, especially if we stop squandering them within the current consumerist profit-driven system which uses up the earth’s available resources at a rate which is going to lead to our destruction if not corrected in time.

It’s time for those who see the common sense that these kind of things shouldn’t be happening, to stand up and say what we all know but aren’t acting on – that this is unacceptable and must stop. We should not be living in a world where children are being burned beyond recognition, or where thousands of children starve to death daily, or where people are allowed to go homeless, without clean water, education or proper healthcare. If you agree that this is unacceptable, support the Equal Money System as the new economic system that will support ourselves as humanity to be able to correct and clean up these problems by ending the wage-slavery of capitalism, so that instead of being busy slaving for someone else’s profit, we can work together for the benefit for each and every one individually and all of life as a whole.


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Derren Brown Fear & Faith (Part 1): What Does the Placebo Show about Human Psychology?

I watched the Derren Brown show called ‘Fear & Faith‘, and in this blog post I’m going to discuss Part 1, which focuses on Fear, in which he had people unknowingly take placebo pills that they thought would stop ‘fear’, and in some cases others thought they were taking the drug in order to stop other phobias/habits like for example smoking. So these were people with a variety of phobias, like fear of heights or singing in public, and they took the pills and for almost everyone the pills were a success – their fear was gone, sometimes instantly.

This show is really ground-breaking, as it shows in a very clear way, the actual power we have to change how we experience ourselves, and that it is really as simple as no longer participating in, for example, fear. It shows that we can actually stop our fears/reactions in a single moment, that it is in fact possible to stop these fears/phobia/habits, and thus change how we experience ourselves in our day to day lives and in relationship to reality.

And it also shows that a placebo or belief in a pill isn’t required to make the fear reaction stop, as in the show, even after knowing the pill had been a placebo, the people’s fears did not return. It was enough to have had the placebo pills act as a ‘bridge’ in a way, in assisting and supporting these individuals to realize that they actually could live without that fear/phobia.

What this also shows, is that we are the ones actually responsible for our fear in the first place. Since we at any time can actually stop them, so we are really the ones in ‘control’, the only reason we ‘aren’t in control’ is because we’ve believed our fears to be who we are. I mean, this is no surprise when you look at what all takes place within our fears/what our fears consist of. There is multi-dimensions, where if you have a look at what goes on within you when a fear is activated, you’ll have dimensions of Thought, Imagination, Internal conversations, emotion/feeling Reactions, and certain physical Behaviors that manifest, thus it is like an entire ‘personality suit’ containing of all these various dimensions one can experience within it, when it is activated by a situation/event/scenario in one’s environment.

So, let’s take the example of having a fear of heights and you find yourself near a steep drop. You may have Thoughts pop up in your mind of images of you falling over the drop. And then you may start going through various scenes within your Imagination, as you, for example, play out a variety of scenarios of ‘what could happen’ in your mind, where you might imagine yourself falling over the edge and what the fall will be like and how you might land and how you’ll be injured, and there would be varying degrees that one would imagine depending on the extent of one’s participation in this particular fear.

And then there is the internal conversations or ‘backchat’ where we talk to ourself within ourself within certain phrases in our mind, which will vary according to the individual, so you may have phrases like “Oh god, what if I fall down that drop??” / “What if I lose my balance for just a moment and go teetering over the edge?” / “I bet I would be terribly injured if I fell down there” / “I’m so scared, I’ve got to get away from here”.

One will also have various emotion and feeling Reactions, in relation to each dimension, where one will experience particular energy-experiences of positive feelings or negative emotions, like for example, while one is within the Imagination dimension, imagining what could happen if one were to fall over the edge, an positive energy-experience of ‘excitement’ might come up, or perhaps a negative energy-experience of ‘terror’. And for example, while one is participating in the internal conversation of “Oh god, what if I fall down that drop??” one might experience ‘anxiety’.

Then with the thoughts, imagination and internal conversation going on, and the energy-experience reactions that activate in relation to each of those points, one will then experience changes/reactions in the physical internally, and externally in one’s physical behaviors, where for example, you might internally experience a trembling/shaking of the physical body, or a rush of adrenaline, and externally you might notice that you start ‘wringing’ your hands, or you start shuffling your feet away from the edge, or you might feel like your paralyzed and can’t move.

So, within all these various dimensions/experiences, it’s really like the mind has gone to every length to convince one that the experience one is having of, for example, being afraid of heights, is in fact real, and yet, it is really just a sequence of thoughts and energy-experiences taking place within us, that we haven’t realized that we in fact give permission to take place, simply by believing these thoughts and feelings we’re experiencing are actually who we are, and aren’t just simply thoughts and experiences that are taking place only in our mind, and not in actual reality. Yet we’ve come to believe that these experiences are who we are to such a degree and without realizing what is really going on within ourselves, it’s hard to step out of the characters we’ve always existed as, and requires an elaborate set-up as Derren put together in his show, to give a specific circumstance in which one is able to believe that the fear experience can actually stop, in essence so you can give yourself permission to stop accepting and allowing the experiences within yourself.

Thus, this show confirms what I have been applying for myself, within the life-coaching course, the Desteni I Process, that I have been walking for several years now, since its beginning, where you are assisted and supported to see, realize and understand that these reactions/experiences aren’t in fact real and thus canbe stopped, through becoming aware of the various dimensions at play within such patterns of behavior, as for example, in the example used above of fear of heights. Through this course, I’ve have walked a personalized process in identifying my own patterns of behavior that I’ve existed in self-unawareness for most of my life, where I was really just a ‘victim’ so to speak of the experiences that came up within me, because I just automatically accepted them as ‘who I am’ simply because they were there and I was experiencing them, so they ‘must be real’.

Within the Desteni I Process you’re shown the tools with which to walk yourself into an understanding of yourself and the patterns you exist as, so that you can evaluate in self-awareness, what it is you’re living, and how you would really like to be living, to stop for example fears and other patterns of self-limitation, so that we can really be free to live, just like those in the show who can now live without their crippling fears and habits and explore their true potential. The difference is that you get to become aware of yourself, and all the patterns you exist as, and you do this through self-will, and not requiring an elaborate illusion like a placebo experiment, as you’re assisted to see that the experiences are in fact the illusion and you’re the one with the real power to develop self-will and self-direction in your life and how you experience yourself.

Thus, if you haven’t seen this show Fear and Faith, definitely watch it and consider what it’s showing us – that we really do not have to remain limited within detrimental patterns, that fear isn’t actually real because it can be stopped, and suggest to check out the Desteni I Process, especially the new course that’s been launched, DIP Lite, which is a Free course where you get to understand how to work with thoughts, emotions and feelings, and how to direct your reactions, so that you can be the directive principle of yourself, instead of your thoughts, emotions and feelings directing and controlling you and your ability to live in this world.

For more context on the Dimensions of Character/Personalities, read the series of Heaven’s Journey to Life blog posts which deals with this topic in detail, which starts with this introduction post: Character Dimensions – Introduction: DAY 162. And you can check out the Journey to Life group on Facebook where you’ll find hundreds of blogs of those who are busy deconstructing their patterns of self limitation and sharing the process so all may benefit.

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Why Do You Laugh? Some Points to Ponder..

I was cruising the Desteni forum, and I came across this post which is really cool and I wanted to share. (Link to original post on the forum here, scroll down):

“Perspective on: Laughter


Did you laugh because you realised the ridiculousness of accepting and allowing such beliefs/perceptions of self influencing oneself?

Did you laugh as a protection/resistance mechanism used to not apply forgiveness?

Did you laugh because you realized that the exact same belief/perceptions of self exist within you?

Did you laugh as ‘hidden judgment’ of the forgiveness words – ‘thinking’ it not necessary to apply forgiveness?

Did you laugh through fear of facing you in application of forgiveness – therefore laugh in fear instead of applying forgiveness immediately.

Where did the laughter originate from?

How did you experience the laughter?

Did you experience the laughter as the entirety of you or from a ‘source’ within you?

What is laughter?

Where does laughter originate from?

Why do we laugh?

Is laughter an expression of me?

Is laughter a method used by the mind to hide instead of facing me?

Do I use laughter or is it an expression of me?
See – all experiences of self must be looked at with absolute self honesty – thus assisting and supporting self in making sure in every moment: I am self honest with me as me.



These are some really assisting questions to ask oneself in a moment when you laugh, to assist you to see why you are laughing, and are you laughing as a ‘natural’ expression of yourself, so to speak- or are you laughing as a form of mind-possession reaction to something, like as a way to avoid seeing or doing something and thus using laughter to support self limitation.

Laughter / laughing is a great way also to help one to let go of built-up stress, and to help ‘shake’ yourself out of a stressful moment. When you notice you’re all tensed-up and anxious, just stop, and laugh.

And if the thought comes up of- “But how do I just laugh? I can’t just laugh for no reason..”

Then you definitely want to laugh! – you just MAKE yourself do it, even if it’s awkward at first- that’s no problem- that is just because you’ve just never laughed without a reason before.

So, the next time you find yourself feeling like things are ‘getting to be too much’, take a moment for yourself, and laugh. No, it won’t solve your problems- but it will help release the built-up tension and anxiety- and THAT WILL help you to deal with whatever you are facing.

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It Was a Matter of Taste, Now it’s a Matter of Fact – part 1

You know what is so interesting, is how I am experiencing how I eat, and who I am within how I eat now, which is very different from how I used to be. For example, I was recently at the grocery store just doing some shopping, and I thought, you know, I’d like ‘a treat’. But there wasn’t anything particular in mind, so as I walked down the isles I was considering- what exactly is it I could have for a ‘treat’.

Right away, I already know that virtually anything in the entire store that might be defined as ‘treat-like’ is going to have sugar in it – the typical refined sugar and probably lots of it. It’s probably also going to have wheat flour, and possibly milk or cream as well. After all I’ve done over the last couple years in regards to my diet, and becoming more aware of what I eat and why I eat, a lot of the attraction that I had to foods that contained those ingredients just totally disappeared. But it’s not like it just vanished out of the blue, oh no-

I had built up a relationship to these foods, these foods had been what I’d always eaten, literally, my whole life. I mean, if you have a look- most foods in the store today contain those ingredients- sugar, wheat, and milk. In fact, for anyone who has tried, you know it is actually quite difficult to find foods that do not contain one or all of those ingredients, sugar being perhaps the most pervasive.

So, these were the foods I’d ‘grown up with’. In other words, I was ‘comfortable’ with these foods, I was ‘used to’ them. It was what I’d come to expect and accept as a ‘normal part’ of a ‘normal diet’. It was what everyone else was eating, too. So, really, there didn’t seem to be anything to question about it, and thus it was simply taken for granted.

When I realized, however, that these preferences were actually based in the past, and were just based on memories, I decided to experiment and test and see whether these preferences were actually ‘real’ preferences, or if they were just ‘illusory’- especially when I also realized that I’d always based my preferences on, predominantly, whether  or not I ‘like the taste’, and for the most part, totally disregarding how it made me feel after the initial eating, you know, how did it effect my body, what was it like to digest it? How did I actually feel afterward?

I was actually quite shocked to have so missed this point, which seems like such an obvious point now, but one I had really not considered. Nobody else was concerned about it either- everyone only ever mentioned how something tasted, not so much what it felt like after, except for maybe beans, as that tends to have a rather humorous effect on most people!

For the most part, it’s all about ‘oh, this tastes sooo good’, or ‘oh, that look so yummy’, which is interesting to consider how does something ‘look’ tasty? And this is largely how we’ll eat, how we’ll determine what to eat, we’ll think about what we’d like to ‘taste’. In fact, most of the time, I was actually ignoring what effect the food might have on my body, because I was literally putting the fixation with certain ‘tastes’ as the top priority, and therefore I’d eat things that I thought tasted good, but that I wouldn’t feel too good after eating. I found this to be quite a bizarre way to behave actually, once I really looked at what I was doing.

And so began my process of realizing who I was in regards to eating and food, and there is much more to follow as I will share what I have discovered as a result of experimenting and becoming aware of myself, so stay tuned..

to be continued..

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My Whole Life was a Lie, How About You? – Becoming A Real Human


I walk here in a process of aligning myself til I stand in all ways as the living principle of what is best for all life. I am 100% committed to this process that I walk, as I see and realize that there is literally nothing else worth doing, whatsoever. To do anything else, would simply be a lie, I would be living a lie and thus my life would be empty, meaningless, useless, pointless, unsatisfying completely- I know, I have spent most my life walking that path of ignorance and deception- to the point that I was not even aware, that I was existing as nothing more than a robot, a mind consciousness system, and I had never actually Lived, my whole entire life, was like an illusion, not of it real.


Where was I? I was not ‘here’, not here as myself, as who I am, as a physical being in this existence- I was ‘lost’ within a mind system- within a whole fabricated constructed universe within myself. A Universe which is not real, doesn’t exist in Reality, in the Physical- and thus I practically, did not Exist. All my behaviors were controlled and predesigned within and through the mind consciousness system. I was not Here- and yet-

I was. I have always been here- even when I was existing as a mind system and hadn’t realized myself here as the physical, one and equal to the physical existence- I was here acting as the mind system- giving it life- living as it. It’s always been ‘Me’.


There was always a choice- in all the moments that’s gone Before- where I acted as the mind, there was always a choice, even if I didn’t realized or see it at the time. Sometimes I didn’t, sometimes I did- Deliberately chose to act as and live as the mind, other times it was as if I ‘had no choice’ due to the extent of preconditioning and preprogramming to such extent that I would immediately act as the mind, and no longer see ‘what I actually was giving permission to’, as I had given permission so many times before, it had become a subconscious habit. A part of my ‘ingrained nature’ so to speak. And so you can see how our ‘nature’ is simply programming, and not some ‘set in stone’ ‘unchangeable’ ‘concrete’ thing. It only seems like that, due to the extent to which we’ve accepted the programming as our ‘nature’.


I have walked enough of my Life as this Lie of Consciousness, enough to have experienced first hand, the pain and suffering that come from this, living a life of self-deception and self-separation- wherein I’m actually, literally, ‘split’ into myself as the ‘mind’ and myself as the physical. It’s when you see that that you can realize how truly bizarre that is. How we have become so separated from ourselves as the physical, that we’ll even abuse ourselves as the physical, extensively, in total disregard for the physical which is how we even are able to exist in this physical reality.


I remember, when I was younger, it was so strange to me, that it seemed we totally disregarded ourselves as the physical. I didn’t at the time have the vocabulary to put it into words, but I do now. I noticed how ‘everyone else’ in my world, which for the most part was adults, seemed to totally ignore themselves as the physical- the way they moved, the things they did, the things they said, it seemed like they were even, in a way, ‘purposefully’ or ‘deliberately’ ignoring themselves as the physical. It seemed to me, that one might be interested to explore oneself as the physical- upon finding oneself Here, in a physical human body- which is quite a fascinating piece of organic ‘machinery’, the likes of which man has yet to create anything like, as the physical is the representation of ultimate cooperation and support, and man has been anything but– as how this world currently exist clearly shows.

But of course, as one get older, you start to ‘understand’ why no one is considering the physical- because they are all much to busy as they are enslaved by the great ‘invisible machine’ of the System- which keeps them busy all the time, through and within it’s neat little Polarity Traps. Such as ‘Work’ and ‘Entertainment’- Wherein either you are busy working some predesigned job in the system, or you are busy trying to ‘entertain’ yourself as defined as spending the money you’ve earned during the time you were busy working- and it’s in polar cycles like these that the adults would go back-and-forth.


I know because I got ‘swept up’ into the machine as well, and became just another ‘cog’. I too gave in to all the Justifications and Fears and just accepted things as ‘that’s the way it is’ ‘there’s just nothing you can do about it’ ‘it must be your fate’, ‘it’s not so bad’ ‘It Could Be Worse’..


And that last statement shows that we are aware that there are others who indeed have it much worse. And we use our Fear of becoming like them, to justify keeping our heads down, as long as we have some degree of comfort. As if, keeping our heads down, and ignoring whatever has caused some to be suffering, is actually going to prevent it from happening to us. Couldn’t be farther from the truth. It is the exact opposite, in fact, because the way to make sure that we never end up ‘like that’ would be to investigate why does it happen, and then do whatever it takes to make sure it DOESN’T. happen anywhere, to anyone, ever again. Then, obviously, it can’t happen to You.


So, it’s within these realizations, that I walk this path of aligning myself to considering ALL THINGS from that perspective- of how to Create a world where None Suffer- because that will Ensure that I live in a World where I will not have to suffer. It is such profoundly Simple Common Sense- and yet, it’s a process I walk to get to the point where I actually in fact, live this Principle in All Ways, because this has Never been done before, Ever. Looking at the World- you can see we have a ‘long’ way to go yet. All the more reason not to Waste anymore Time- we’ve wasted our whole Lives- now finally, we can Start Living- working toward the goal of being able to really fully be here and express ourselves freely, as we’d like, and not be enslaved to the Money system, which determines our entire Lives for us- even whether you Live or Die. Quite fucked up, isn’t it.



It’s never ‘too late’ to Start Giving Yourself back to You, picking up all the pieces you gave away to the Mind System, reamalgamating the parts of yourself, til you stand here Whole and Sound.


How you can get started/involved in this/your process as well:
Join us at Desteni, where we support each other in this Process, of realizing ourselves as life Here- and Correcting ourselves, so that we can Create a World where All can live together here with no abuse, no fear, no suffering.

Join in the Desteni ‘I’ Process– a course specifically designed to assist one in their process by showing how to effectively use the tools of Self Forgiveness, Self Honesty, Self Correction to assist yourself to become a Self-Responsible human, one that considers All Life and what it really means to Live!

Investigate the Equal Money System– a system based on the principle of Equality- in which we Gift to Ourselves the Right to Live and Breathe here, Equally, so that we All can have the Opportunity to explore Self Expression and Live a Dignified Life, where No One has to suffer, ever again. Sign up to be notified when the Equal Money Book will be released! (Click the link in the top right of the website “The Book”)

Stand Up and Be a Real Human!

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The Con of Consciousness – When Will We Get it?

Consciousness. It’s a system, a program, a machine basically.

We know this, our science knows this, and  yet, we seem to somehow have entirely missed that point…

In an blog from Discover titled “Why Did Consciousness Evolve, and How Can We Modify It?” is a quote from a psychologist Bruce Bridgeman who wrote in 1992 that “Consciousness is the operation of the plan-executing mechanism, enabling behavior to be driven by plans rather than immediate environmental contingencies.”

Bam. There you have it. Consciousness is a system which is predesigned, which when one is a slave to their consciousness system, one will act according to a ‘plan’, wherein your behavior has been predesigned and is acted out according to a preset plan, regardless and irrelevant to what is actually going on in your environment, in reality.

And yet, we still ‘cling’ to an idea that we are ‘consciousness’, that ‘consciousness’ is ‘who we are’, and that we are somehow ‘better’ or ‘intelligent’ because we have this ‘consciousness’ thing. Which couldn’t be farther from the truth.

Consciousness has you acting from a preprogrammed script, wherein you’re simply following a predesigned behavior pattern, and thus you’re not really ‘here’ in the real world, as yourself, ‘acting’ as yourself, expressing yourself in the moment, but you’re just a robot, a lifeless robot following the commands of the preprogrammed consciousness system.

Now, it is so fascinating and out-rightly bizarre that we seem to believe, on an extensive level, that without consciousness, we would somehow be ‘lifeless robots’. WTF? We actually have fooled ourself into believing that consciousness makes us ‘unique’ and ‘creative’, etc. When, in fact, it is the total opposite, and the mind is actually a machine of limitation.

The author describes the premise for the article as follows: “My point was that if we understand the evolutionary basis of consciousness, maybe this will help us envision new ways our consciousness might evolve further in the future. That could be fun in terms of dreaming up new stories.”

However, now that you realize just what the consciousness system is, why would we be interested in it evolving? Why would you want it to actually develop further, once you realize it’s purpose, function, and design, is literally to trap you into preprogrammed behaviors, thus rendering you into nothing more than a broken record, simply repeating the same limited behaviors, over and over again, until you’re dead, and that’s it, that’s how you spent your life, as nothing but a machine. The last line kind of sums it up- do you want to spend your life ‘dreaming up stories’, or do you want to Live, actually Live?

The author continues, hypothesizing a ‘reason’ for why humans don’t take any action to solve any of the problems in the world: “I also believe that part of what inhibits us from taking effective action against long-term problems—like the global environmental crisis — may be found in the evolutionary origins of our ability to be aware”

Now, firstly to clarify, here what the author is referring to when he says “our ability to be aware”, is the specific capabilities, or lack thereof, of our physical senses and the ‘range’ of data we are able to interpret. Basically, giving a very literally interpretation of “out of sight, out of mind”, the author suggests that we are actually impaired from concerning ourselves with what’s going on in the world when we don’t see it right in front of us. However, if we know there are problems in the world, then we are actually ‘aware’ of them, which proves that we do not need to ‘see it’ right in front of us to be aware of what is going on in this world. What actually ‘inhibits’ us from taking action, is ourselves. Is our own deliberate ignorance and avoidance of the problems, within the delusional belief that we are somehow not complicit in them.

Fascinatingly, the author notes, “Consciousness does seem to be for one being at a time.”

And he has basically hit the nail on the head of the CON of consciousness, where consciousness only considers itself, where it’s limited to only itself, and has separated itself from everything else, from all the rest of life here, into a tiny, diminished, limited little existence.

The author ends by posing a question: “What if we reengineer things so that we see what others in our group see, or so that when you do something good, the entire group feels good, rather than just you? This kind of consciousness has been explored in science fiction (The Borg on TV),  and in art (Mathieu Brand’s Ubiq). We even know mechanisms of how something like the hive mind of bees work, such as regulation of the division of labor through various genes and hormones. Could something like this be the antidote to the endemic selfishness of Homo sapiens?”

Here we see the mistake that is so commonly being made, which is to make the physical responsible for the behavior of the human, which only serves the purpose of enslaving the human, because if the human believes it can’t be changed, then the human can’t change it. It’s one of the cleverly-stupid tricks we’ve played on ourself to avoid ever having to actually change who we are and what we are living as, and in so doing, we ultimately doom ourself to being nothing more than an organic robot.

Funny how we always seem to link ‘consideration for the whole’ to images we define as ‘robot-like’ and ‘alien’, such  as ‘The Borg’, as the author notes.We couldn’t have it more Backwards..

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With the Right Writes- You Can Write Rights

It’s fascinating to me now as I go through college, and it’s as if I’m relearning a lot of things I took in elementary/high school, a lot of which I’d basically forgotten.

Like, for example, even though it’s recommended to do English and Math classes first, I did not, and I found myself sweating some bullets when I had to write a few papers. But then, in the syllabus of a class I’m just about to start, was given the basic structure/design of how to write a paper, and instantly, it ‘all came flooding back’, and I remember learning this years ago, almost as if it were yesterday, and it was not so difficult then, it was simply a matter of ‘filling in the blanks’, basically, kind of like, you’re already given a skeleton- you just must flesh it out, and doing that is basically just a ‘sorting’ or ‘placing’ of information, in such a way that makes a kind of very simplistic sense in terms of allocating information into a standard format. Which will also then set you up in ‘what to expect’ when reading such a paper, as well.

Ha, fascinating how it goes both ways like that- reminds me of something like sports, like wrestling or kendo, where you have ‘set’ or predesigned moves you can do, and each player works within those moves to play the game as according to the rules. If both the players did not follow form, the game wouldn’t work, it would fall apart, it depends on those predetermined roles and each player playing those roles. Which is a point that’s reflected in many things, in many ways, many aspects of ourself.

Just have a look at where do we play roles with each other, to create some kind of a special dimension or alternate reality, that would not exist if we didn’t all play the parts. I mean, if you have a look, this world is almost entirely like that, full of roles we all play, as little parts in the system, and some have more ‘leading roles’, lol.

Strange how we’ve gone here, from writing to leadership, but actually not strange at all, when you consider how the rules, the laws, the policies, that govern our lives are all fundamentally based on written words. The foundations of our very government come down to written documents, and in many ways, it’s become it’s own language that only some can really read and write and understand, and therefore many of us are basically ‘at the whim’ of laws which we don’t even understand or know how they came to be.

Much advantage has been taken due to this fact, which is really unacceptable. What we need now, and what is busy happening to an extent with the internet, is the equalizing of understanding, equalizing of education, so that no one is ‘left in the dark’ so to speak. So that we can all stand here in an equal understanding of how the systems which we take part in every day and get our daily bread from actually operate, so that we can make sure that the systems which we’re participating in are giving Everyone their ‘daily bread’, rather than only some while the rest are literally ‘left to die’, as the system disregards those who have no voice to speak up with, they have no words they can use to change their situation. Therefore those of us that can speak up, must do so, for the sake of us all.

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