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How to Experience Real Joy

What is joy? Do you live joy? And how do you live it? Currently joy is regarded as “a feeling of great pleasure and happiness”. So the way we currently live joy is as a feeling inside oneself. This joy, as a feeling, is only experienced by oneself, as no one else is inside you, and doesn’t exist or is experienced in the shared physical reality, that is shared by all other beings in physicality. This means that we can be experiencing a feeling of joy within ourself, that isn’t actually relevant or related to what is going on in our physical reality. There is no ‘joy’ in life – the feeling doesn’t exist here – you’re actually only able to enjoy yourself – as a living movement of yourself with what is here. For example, you enjoy the coffee, you enjoy riding your bike, you enjoy going to a movie with others. Joy doesn’t exist in reality as a feeling, you can look, you won’t find it- you’ll only ever experience it as an energetic feeling inside yourself, because that’s where your feelings happen and where they’re created, and that’s where they stay, utilizing the resources of your physical body to create such feelings, which actually sucks the life out of the body.

When we focus on the real enjoyment that comes from participation with the physical as a physical being, then we really become aware of what is in this world and wouldn’t we then work to ensure that life in the physical is actually enjoyable? When we’re participating in a self-created joy that only exist in our mind, then we are disregarding the actual physical reality we are living in, creating an experience of ‘joy’ within ourself as a mental illusion while allowing the actual world to be/become a total mess.

Yet you hear this message all over, that you should be ‘joyful’ or have more joy in your life- and then you’re told to think of things that make you feel happy- so what are you actually doing within that? You’re using pictures and memories in your mind to create a feeling of joy within yourself. Now, is that real joy? Is that joy that comes from an actual experience within the physical, as a physical being, where you’re actually interacting with other physical beings- humans, animals, plants, etc? No, it only takes place in your mind as a form of ‘mental masturbation’ where you separate yourself from the actual reality to go into a ‘dream land’ and use pictures and memories to induce a feel-good feeling, where you’re pretending that everything is wonderful, regardless of the state of actual reality. And this serves those profiting off of the current inequality in the world, because you’re in a fantasy lavd, they can continue enslaving and using beings to make profit.

How can you play make-believe inside your own mind in a self-created fantasy while allowing the world in which we actually live to go to shit? Does that make any sense to deliberately ignore what’s going on and to hide in one’s imagination, instead of facing what’s here, sorting it out, so we can create an actual reality where joy really exists as something that is lived and experienced in the physical? No- obviously it’s through this ignorance that we’re accepting and allowing the problems in this world to go uncorrected, even though we’re having to live through them in our actual daily lives, making the world a place of suffering where only those with enough money can enjoy themselves.

And if you notice, the feeling of joy never lasts. You can pretend that everything is wonderful for a little while, but eventually it’s back to reality, and nothing has changed. Now, if we create the physical reality as a place that can be enjoyed, then that joy would be constant, because it’d actually be HERE, real, in the physical. You wouldn’t have to close your eyes, or pretend, only to have to come back to a reality that is a mess, because there would be no mess. So, you could just simply be here, experiencing joy as a physical being, not any more having to ignore reality and delude oneself to what’s actually going on here, making excuses to justify the abuse taking place in the world, so that you can justify for a moment altering your mental state to have a feel-good experience inside yourself, while actual reality remains a mess and the abuse continues.

So obviously the preferred choice would be to create a world where joy is able to be lived in the real reality, by creating reality such that all beings can enjoy themselves in and with the physical. So we have to sort this mess out that we’ve created in this world, and have been ignoring as the problems build, by going into mind-created states of ‘joy’ instead of working to create real joy that can actually be lived. An Equal Money System is the key to sorting out this mess, as it’s the current money system which keeps us locked into competition with each other where we must deceive each other for money and survival. Investigate Equal Money to see how it’s possible to have joy be an actuality here, in the physical reality, shared by all. Wouldn’t you much rather have joy be here as life that would never fade away? Joy as a lived experience stable and constant, instead of cheap feelings that don’t last?


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My Whole Life was a Lie, How About You? – Becoming A Real Human


I walk here in a process of aligning myself til I stand in all ways as the living principle of what is best for all life. I am 100% committed to this process that I walk, as I see and realize that there is literally nothing else worth doing, whatsoever. To do anything else, would simply be a lie, I would be living a lie and thus my life would be empty, meaningless, useless, pointless, unsatisfying completely- I know, I have spent most my life walking that path of ignorance and deception- to the point that I was not even aware, that I was existing as nothing more than a robot, a mind consciousness system, and I had never actually Lived, my whole entire life, was like an illusion, not of it real.


Where was I? I was not ‘here’, not here as myself, as who I am, as a physical being in this existence- I was ‘lost’ within a mind system- within a whole fabricated constructed universe within myself. A Universe which is not real, doesn’t exist in Reality, in the Physical- and thus I practically, did not Exist. All my behaviors were controlled and predesigned within and through the mind consciousness system. I was not Here- and yet-

I was. I have always been here- even when I was existing as a mind system and hadn’t realized myself here as the physical, one and equal to the physical existence- I was here acting as the mind system- giving it life- living as it. It’s always been ‘Me’.


There was always a choice- in all the moments that’s gone Before- where I acted as the mind, there was always a choice, even if I didn’t realized or see it at the time. Sometimes I didn’t, sometimes I did- Deliberately chose to act as and live as the mind, other times it was as if I ‘had no choice’ due to the extent of preconditioning and preprogramming to such extent that I would immediately act as the mind, and no longer see ‘what I actually was giving permission to’, as I had given permission so many times before, it had become a subconscious habit. A part of my ‘ingrained nature’ so to speak. And so you can see how our ‘nature’ is simply programming, and not some ‘set in stone’ ‘unchangeable’ ‘concrete’ thing. It only seems like that, due to the extent to which we’ve accepted the programming as our ‘nature’.


I have walked enough of my Life as this Lie of Consciousness, enough to have experienced first hand, the pain and suffering that come from this, living a life of self-deception and self-separation- wherein I’m actually, literally, ‘split’ into myself as the ‘mind’ and myself as the physical. It’s when you see that that you can realize how truly bizarre that is. How we have become so separated from ourselves as the physical, that we’ll even abuse ourselves as the physical, extensively, in total disregard for the physical which is how we even are able to exist in this physical reality.


I remember, when I was younger, it was so strange to me, that it seemed we totally disregarded ourselves as the physical. I didn’t at the time have the vocabulary to put it into words, but I do now. I noticed how ‘everyone else’ in my world, which for the most part was adults, seemed to totally ignore themselves as the physical- the way they moved, the things they did, the things they said, it seemed like they were even, in a way, ‘purposefully’ or ‘deliberately’ ignoring themselves as the physical. It seemed to me, that one might be interested to explore oneself as the physical- upon finding oneself Here, in a physical human body- which is quite a fascinating piece of organic ‘machinery’, the likes of which man has yet to create anything like, as the physical is the representation of ultimate cooperation and support, and man has been anything but– as how this world currently exist clearly shows.

But of course, as one get older, you start to ‘understand’ why no one is considering the physical- because they are all much to busy as they are enslaved by the great ‘invisible machine’ of the System- which keeps them busy all the time, through and within it’s neat little Polarity Traps. Such as ‘Work’ and ‘Entertainment’- Wherein either you are busy working some predesigned job in the system, or you are busy trying to ‘entertain’ yourself as defined as spending the money you’ve earned during the time you were busy working- and it’s in polar cycles like these that the adults would go back-and-forth.


I know because I got ‘swept up’ into the machine as well, and became just another ‘cog’. I too gave in to all the Justifications and Fears and just accepted things as ‘that’s the way it is’ ‘there’s just nothing you can do about it’ ‘it must be your fate’, ‘it’s not so bad’ ‘It Could Be Worse’..


And that last statement shows that we are aware that there are others who indeed have it much worse. And we use our Fear of becoming like them, to justify keeping our heads down, as long as we have some degree of comfort. As if, keeping our heads down, and ignoring whatever has caused some to be suffering, is actually going to prevent it from happening to us. Couldn’t be farther from the truth. It is the exact opposite, in fact, because the way to make sure that we never end up ‘like that’ would be to investigate why does it happen, and then do whatever it takes to make sure it DOESN’T. happen anywhere, to anyone, ever again. Then, obviously, it can’t happen to You.


So, it’s within these realizations, that I walk this path of aligning myself to considering ALL THINGS from that perspective- of how to Create a world where None Suffer- because that will Ensure that I live in a World where I will not have to suffer. It is such profoundly Simple Common Sense- and yet, it’s a process I walk to get to the point where I actually in fact, live this Principle in All Ways, because this has Never been done before, Ever. Looking at the World- you can see we have a ‘long’ way to go yet. All the more reason not to Waste anymore Time- we’ve wasted our whole Lives- now finally, we can Start Living- working toward the goal of being able to really fully be here and express ourselves freely, as we’d like, and not be enslaved to the Money system, which determines our entire Lives for us- even whether you Live or Die. Quite fucked up, isn’t it.



It’s never ‘too late’ to Start Giving Yourself back to You, picking up all the pieces you gave away to the Mind System, reamalgamating the parts of yourself, til you stand here Whole and Sound.


How you can get started/involved in this/your process as well:
Join us at Desteni, where we support each other in this Process, of realizing ourselves as life Here- and Correcting ourselves, so that we can Create a World where All can live together here with no abuse, no fear, no suffering.

Join in the Desteni ‘I’ Process– a course specifically designed to assist one in their process by showing how to effectively use the tools of Self Forgiveness, Self Honesty, Self Correction to assist yourself to become a Self-Responsible human, one that considers All Life and what it really means to Live!

Investigate the Equal Money System– a system based on the principle of Equality- in which we Gift to Ourselves the Right to Live and Breathe here, Equally, so that we All can have the Opportunity to explore Self Expression and Live a Dignified Life, where No One has to suffer, ever again. Sign up to be notified when the Equal Money Book will be released! (Click the link in the top right of the website “The Book”)

Stand Up and Be a Real Human!

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Yeah? What Animal Would YOU be?

I’m sure at some point you’ve been asked the question if you could be an animal, what would you be?


I’ve thought, ooh a cat would be cool to run and jump around and climb trees with my claws, or some kind of a fish or whale or dolphin to swim around and jump and ride the waves, or of course, a bird to fly and sail through the sky..


However, when I imagine if I really was one of these animals, and what my life would actually be like, I find the thought actually terrifying~ when you look at the harsh reality of how nature currently exist, of how this world currently exist, and what the current experience of the animals is like~ no way~ do I want to go through that! It is hard enough to be in this world as a human, which is a practically limit-less form compared to the animal forms!


But if in this world, we actually supported the animals, within the realization and consideration of the limits of their forms~ then obviously, there’d be no reason to fear being an animal in a limited form whatsoever~ because I’d Know that I am Supported.


We need an Equal Money System so that we can be the Stewards of this World~ Us Humans with the Un-Limited Forms~ the Only Ones that’s in a Position to Do So. Imagine what kind of a World this can be~

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Living in a Debt System is Stupid in All Ways

In starting my own business, I am seeing more and more, just how fucked this system is. Just how contrary to common sense, and actually quite tragic, is this system that we’re currently accepting and living in/with/as.

It’s definitely a Pay to Play system, and if you can’t Pay, obviously you can’t ‘Play’, only, in many cases, we’re not talking about ‘Playing’, we’re talking about SURVIVING. This is quite a Disgrace, what’s going on in this World, what we’re Allowing, through our Participation in the System, through our Deliberate Ignorance of the Outflows and Consequences of our Actions.

Even just looking at this elite country of the U.S. where it is not nearly so dire as in other places, it is still fucking sad.

To start a business, you have to go into debt, that is, the business has to go into debt, because it has to pay for registration, and in the state of PA when you register a ‘fictitious name’ you must place a notice in the local legal newspaper and a second local paper, according to the Fictitious Names Act, if one day you’d like your business to be represented in court, otherwise, if you don’t place these notices and your business winds up in court, you could have to pay a fine of several hundred dollars. To place each of these ads was roughly $70 each, and registration with the state was also $70. Then there is supplies to be bought and other various things, like I’ll be setting up a website from which I’ll do most business, and get some business cards to advertise, it all takes money. I couldn’t have done this in the past when I simply did not have the ‘extra’ money to pay for these things.

So, you pay these things upfront, and there is no guarantee that you will even sell anything, although with researching and common sense, you can be reasonably certain to an extent. Basically, it’s all ‘on you’ and you’re ‘on your own’ in this system.

In an Equal Money System, this won’t even be relevant- how the current system functions will be totally irrelevant, as it is already irrelevant- it’s irrelevant to life- in fact, the purpose of our current system is to serve Profit and Money, and it does so with total Disregard for Life. This is sheer Lunacy, to have a system which Disregards ourselves, and everything here, and only functions for the interest of an idea called ‘Profit’ which is the idea that only Some can have a Life which is Dignified, and All the Rest Cannot and must Slave away doing Bullshit jobs for no reason other than to serve as apparent ‘competition’ with each other, so that the Slaves will try to ‘better each other’ in producing goods/services for the ‘Masters’. Quite Fucked Up, and Totally Not Necessary.

In an Equal Money System, where all are supported to have access to their needs, rather than just a few people in the current system, ALL will be supported- that leaves No One Out, ALL is Included, That Means YOU. YOU will be supported to have your needs- you will not be required to Prostitute yourself in any way possible- to get the money you require to put food on your table and a roof over your head, etc.

This will Effectively end Slavery- as no one will be able to force another to work in situations that is harmful.

This will change completely how businesses are done. As we won’t need to ‘Feverishly’ be trying to create businesses to create more jobs, because everyone will already be supported for their needs, thus it won’t be a life-and-death game anymore. Thus the business and such we create- will not be so haphazard as they are now, but can be thoroughly researched and considered, and really ‘done right’ in terms of taking the time to take everything into consideration, every consequence and outflow, and never at any point having to ‘cut corners’ or deliberately fudge scientific tests and whatnot just so that the business can get started selling the product and making profit, even if the product has not yet been tested fully and made certain that it is not harmful to humans- there is a lot of horrific suffering that comes from this kind of shit.

See, the Equal Money System is so Obvious because it will simply end all that abuse and bullshit and we can actually be Here and Live in Dignity, and no one has to suffer.

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Blog to Save the World, no Lie

Why do I blog?

One of the reasons why I blog, and not the only reason but a very important one, is to share and make a record, of what I see and understand. Because to keep that in, and not share is what has manifested this world to be full of shit and what’s real is disregarded.

I blog, to show that there is someone here, someone who is not dead inside, who has not given up on this world, by not giving up on myself, to show that there is someone who cares, to show that there is someone who sees what is going on, and is standing up to do something about it.

Because it was seeing someone do that, that caused me to stand up as well. Until I finally saw someone standing up, I had simply been ‘locked’ in a state of perpetual ‘giving up’, wherein I justified not doing anything, not standing up, not trying, because, apparently, no one else was, and so maybe it just wasn’t possible, or wasn’t worth it, jesus, how long would I have just gone on like that- if someone hadn’t finally stood up and stood as that one example I needed to see- to know, to finally realize- it is indeed possible- and in fact, it is the only thing I have been waiting for, the only thing I have ever wanted, the only thing I have ever missed, the only thing I have been searching for which was right here all along, which was myself- myself, myself to stand up, myself to stop giving up, to stop accepting failure which I hadn’t even tested, waiting for myself to stop giving in to limitation, waiting for myself to finally realize that I didn’t have to accept things the way they are! and that I can change, and that heaven on earth is possible, just like I always ‘knew’ but had fallen for the same bullshit as everyone else. It reminds me of that scene in Neverending Story, where Atreyu and his horse Artex (wow funny I remember those names, haha) had to travel through that swamp of despair, or something like that, and it was as if the swamp was making them depressed, and oh yeah, the horse died in the swamp, ‘gave in’ to the sadness, and atreyu had to go on by himself, well now I understand more of why that scene affected me the way it did, wherein I understood exactly that sadness, that despair, and the point of it ‘sucking you down’, and the feeling of ‘just wanting to give up’, because that was the feeling/experience I’d had toward life/in life, wherein life seemed like a big swamp of despair trying to drag you down every step of the way. Just a big desolate empty swamp, nothing there, no support, nothing to grab hold of, no end in sight.

And that is why I blog, and vlog- so that it’s not just an empty desolate swamp- so that there is a point here, which says, which shows, there is life here, and you can stand up, and you don’t have to give in to despair and give up, you are not alone.

By keeping this blog, I am putting something out there, making a record of what i see that those who are here and those yet to come can have some support in this world where so little seems to makes sense. Because it’s a long way to go yet til all our understandings is equalized, and the only way it’s going to happen is by sharing, sharing ourselves, our perspectives, sharing about what we see and sharing what we’ve realized in common sense, the more we do this the faster this process goes, the sooner we ‘get to’ heaven on earth and can finally enjoy ourselves here as what it really means to enjoy.

I suggest you to ‘blog your ass off’, to share yourself, to support the world as you support yourself, one and equal, in this process. It’s a gift you give to yourself, all included.

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You Create that which You Fear- Stop it

It’s quite a shock sometimes the extent to which people can be in denial of what’s really going on in this world, of the kinds of lives that people are living, lives that no one would ‘choose’ for themself, if they have the choice.

Some do have the choice- some have the money to buy a decent life. Many do not. What shocks me, is the extent to which some will utterly refuse to see this point of how many people literally do not have a choice to do anything about their situation- Obviously, this ignorance is deliberately used in order that they can justify not doing anything about the situation- they think, whether on a conscious level or subconscious, that if they can just pretend that they are in no way responsible, then they won’t have to do anything, nothing will have to change, and their reality can stay exactly as it is- You see, what this shows is that they are, In Fact, aware of the actual situation, by the very act of them trying to protect their reality- they EXPOSE that they DO KNOW what is going on, because they FEAR IT HAPPENING TO THEM! In their Fear, they try to Manipulate so they don’t have to face an existence anything like those that’s on the “Less” side of the Polarity, they Manipulate so that they can maintain their own Private Heaven, in Separation from everyone else. It is this very point of our current Accepted Nature, which Causes and Supports the Abuse in this World.

It is this very Mindset- this pattern of Fear and Manipulation for Self-Interest in Spite of the Whole, which is causing the Suffering n this World- Suffering which, In Fact, doesn’t need to exist. Thus, what you essentially have here, is people literally Hiding from their Own Shadow- they are Fearing that which they Create and Creating that which they Fear- an Infinite Never-Ending Cycle to No-Where.

Thus Stop being Enslaved in the Limitation of Fears, which you are the Cause of Anyway. Have some GUTS- Investigate Real Solutions for the Problems in this World- Be a Real Human Being Here, not just a Robot Enslaved to Fear clutching Desperately to your little Heaven, which you Will Inevitably Lose. Get Busy making a Heaven that will Stand the Test of Time- then you will Never have to Fear Again. It’s So Simple- Have you GOT IT Yet??

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