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Equal Money FAQ – Will we figure out the other 90% of the brain that is said we do not tap into in an Equal Money System?

Well, the idea that we use only 10% of our brains is a myth that has been perpetuated for the sake of implying that there is some sort of unused potential within the human brain or mind that we don’t currently utilize. This has been used for example by psychics who imply that the ‘unused’ portions of our brains would contain psychic or other mystical powers. Scanning of brain activity in the brain, which is electrical activity, shows that much of the brain is indeed utilized, though not all at once- because the brain is compartmentalized and different parts are ‘in charge of’ certain functions.

Accidents have shown that brain damage to any parts of the brain can impair one’s ability to function, which implies that most of the brain is indeed used. Some theorize that this claim came about because we don’t use the entirety of our brain all at once, but the brain has assigned different parts to oversee specific functions, so such a claim makes no sense.

In an Equal Money System, we won’t have incorrect claims being passed around as valid. There simply will be no reason to, as currently the manipulation of information and of people’s understanding of how existence functions is done for the sake of self-interest at the expense of another, and this won’t be accepted in and Equal Money System. This is not the kind of thing we’ll allow, as we see what kind of a world it leads to- one where misunderstanding and abuse are rampant.

Our Science has been notorious for this, holding onto information that is incorrect for various reasons, at the expense of the greater good. It’s no secret how current scientists will hold onto their beliefs in the face of something that challenges it. The main reason for this being job security. As a scientist you get funded to work and research in a particular area of science and if that area of science is found to be false, there goes your funding and your job. In an Equal Money System ‘job security’ will be irrelevant, because you’ll already have ‘life security’- your needs for your survival will be guaranteed for life, as it should be- thus you’d never find yourself faced with the choice of having to go against common sense, of having to spite life and be dishonest, in fear of losing your ‘financial security’. In this current system most of us have had to compromise ourselves and maybe others for the sake of financial security in order to survive and try to have a dignified life.

In an Equal Money System, we’ll be able to ensure everyone has access to education as well, and also that that education is actually effective and correct. Thus everyone will be able to keep up to date with scientific discoveries so that everyone can have an equal understanding of how this world operates, in order to best function within it. No longer will information be hoarded as it is now, and many do not even have access to even the most basic education.


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Who’s in Control – You or Your Genes?

One of the major flaws within how the functioning of the physical human body is looked at, is it’s often viewed from a perspective of trying to ‘figure out’ how the physical is responsible for our behavior. Like, trying to determine a gene that is responsible for alcoholism- which would imply that the individual has little or no choice within whether they will be alcoholic or not.


Now, if it is so, that a gene determines a certain behavior, then there is really no point in investigating it, since nothing useful or valuable to the individual could come from that knowledge- except however, if you are in the business of developing drugs or medical procedures which could influence or change genes.

Thus the concept of certain genes being responsible for certain behaviors is then supported and spread by those who stand to make a profit from people believing that they can simply buy a drug or a special treatment, and voila! their behavior is changed.


What this would imply, however, is that as an individual, you have no actual self control, self will, self direction to be able to actually change yourself, that you are a total slave to the genetic programming within your cells. And, not only do you not have any ability to change yourself, but others would, through the use. of various methods like drugs.

In fact, this is already being done, there are people taking drugs, and ever increasingly so, in order to change themselves, to cope with various ‘disorders’ or ‘syndromes’ they have been diagnosed with. It is, however, not a solution, bcause these people are taking these drugs simply to cope with the problem, it does not cure the problem, and thus they may very well have to take these drugs for the rest of their life, and in many cases individuals become adicted to the drugs, as the body has formed a dependency on the coping mechanism, making it very difficult and manifesting sometimes seriously harmful withdrawl effects when one tries to stop.


And yet, very little, if anything is being done to find ways to assist an individual to change themself, so that they must rely on drugs and treatments which cost money, and thus some people are able to make a profit off this. Yes, it’s quite disturbing that people would actually be willing to make a profit off of people’s apparent inability to change themself, and instead of supporting the human are actually poisoning the human and leeching money out of them like a vampire.


What is needed is to work on and develop ways in which the individual can assist and support themself to actually solve and cure their problems, so that they are not merely ‘slaves’ to their genes, or become dependent on drugs to be able to have stability- This work is already being done at Desteni, where extensive researching and testing is being done, to determine effective ways that the human can actually direct themself and correct themself, without needing anything separate from themself.


Come visit the Desteni website to see what’s been done so far, and see how you can start using and applying the simple and effective tools of self-honesty and self-forgiveness to start actually changing your behavior in a way that’s supporting you to be a human being that is free from limitations, free from stress, depression, mental disorders- many have already had extensive success within their own processes of self-realization, that they never thought was even possible. You can enroll in the Desteni I Process which is a course specifically designed to streamline one’s process as effectively as possible, so you can get to a point of stability and satisfaction as soon as possible. Check out the Desteni I Process here.

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