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With the Right Writes- You Can Write Rights

It’s fascinating to me now as I go through college, and it’s as if I’m relearning a lot of things I took in elementary/high school, a lot of which I’d basically forgotten.

Like, for example, even though it’s recommended to do English and Math classes first, I did not, and I found myself sweating some bullets when I had to write a few papers. But then, in the syllabus of a class I’m just about to start, was given the basic structure/design of how to write a paper, and instantly, it ‘all came flooding back’, and I remember learning this years ago, almost as if it were yesterday, and it was not so difficult then, it was simply a matter of ‘filling in the blanks’, basically, kind of like, you’re already given a skeleton- you just must flesh it out, and doing that is basically just a ‘sorting’ or ‘placing’ of information, in such a way that makes a kind of very simplistic sense in terms of allocating information into a standard format. Which will also then set you up in ‘what to expect’ when reading such a paper, as well.

Ha, fascinating how it goes both ways like that- reminds me of something like sports, like wrestling or kendo, where you have ‘set’ or predesigned moves you can do, and each player works within those moves to play the game as according to the rules. If both the players did not follow form, the game wouldn’t work, it would fall apart, it depends on those predetermined roles and each player playing those roles. Which is a point that’s reflected in many things, in many ways, many aspects of ourself.

Just have a look at where do we play roles with each other, to create some kind of a special dimension or alternate reality, that would not exist if we didn’t all play the parts. I mean, if you have a look, this world is almost entirely like that, full of roles we all play, as little parts in the system, and some have more ‘leading roles’, lol.

Strange how we’ve gone here, from writing to leadership, but actually not strange at all, when you consider how the rules, the laws, the policies, that govern our lives are all fundamentally based on written words. The foundations of our very government come down to written documents, and in many ways, it’s become it’s own language that only some can really read and write and understand, and therefore many of us are basically ‘at the whim’ of laws which we don’t even understand or know how they came to be.

Much advantage has been taken due to this fact, which is really unacceptable. What we need now, and what is busy happening to an extent with the internet, is the equalizing of understanding, equalizing of education, so that no one is ‘left in the dark’ so to speak. So that we can all stand here in an equal understanding of how the systems which we take part in every day and get our daily bread from actually operate, so that we can make sure that the systems which we’re participating in are giving Everyone their ‘daily bread’, rather than only some while the rest are literally ‘left to die’, as the system disregards those who have no voice to speak up with, they have no words they can use to change their situation. Therefore those of us that can speak up, must do so, for the sake of us all.


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