You Are Responsible for Not Hitting Anyone While You are Driving – Not Your Cell Phone

On the radio today they were mentioning about some recent deaths involving car accidents where people were talking on their cell phones, and at one point the speaker commented that ‘cell phones are really bad at taking our attention’ or something along those lines, and what’s fascinating is how the responsibility is put on the ‘cell phone’ as if it is the ‘cell phone’ which makes it hard to concentrate or focus, and thus it’s no surprise that these kind of situations happen, because it shows how detached we are from considering our own responsibility for our actions, for our inattention- no cell phone can ‘make’ you not pay attention to the road- that is You doing that- it’s You that decide- therefore, it’s Your responsibility to make sure that you do not Fucking hit people while you are driving.

If you can/can’t talk on a cell phone and drive at the same time, I don’t give a fuck either way, doesn’t matter- it’s up to You to know what you can/can’t do- it’s up to You to see whether you are effectively paying attention or not. It’s up to You to Not Hit Anyone. If you can’t do that, You’ll Pay the Consequence, and try to make sure No One Else Pays for it with you. What happens in the Physical can’t be Undone, when it’s Too Late, it’s Too Late.


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